Nauru Taxis and Car Rental

This tiny island has no taxi service, and car rental is most easily obtained from local vendors, hotels or the Capelle and Partners department store. The Nauru International Airport runway cuts across nearly two miles of the island’s 12 mile long ring road. The only traffic lights stop cars whenever flights are arriving or departing.

Occasional stray animals and pedestrians are the only hazards drivers will encounter in Nauru, whose main road can be fully traversed in under 60 minutes. Smaller side roads travel into the island’s phosphate mines and Buada District. Driving is on the left and 30 miles per hour is the maximum speed limit. Anyone with a national driver’s license can drive on the island.

Nauru Water Taxis

Boat journeys to and from Nauru can be arduous as the island lies 186 miles from its nearest neighbor, Kiribati’s Banaba Island. Volatile Pacific Ocean conditions often detour vessels from Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Nauru Trains and Buses

Outside of a courtesy shuttle service between the Menem Hotel and Nauru International Airport, Nauru’s only public transportation is a community bus which makes hour-long journeys across the island several times a day. The island’s three miles of rail track are reserved for phosphate mining areas.