Guam’s location makes it a perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood, which can be baked or grilled with vegetables or eaten raw like sashimi. Despite the small population, locals love to have a good time and often have barbecues and get togethers with friends and family. Those who are feeling homesick will be delighted to find a wide variety of Chinese, American, Indonesian, Filipino, European, Japanese, Mexican, and Korean restaurants, especially in touristy areas like Tumon Bay. There are a lot of international franchises like Hard Rock Café, McDonald’s, Hooters, and KFC.

Guamanian cooking, you might be surprised to find out, is actually quite similar to Spanish cuisine. Some of the must-try foods include kelaguen (chopped chicken with hot peppers, grated coconut and lemon juice), mahha titiyas (coconut tortillas), apigigi (a dessert made with tapioca and coconut milk, wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled), and bunelos (banana donuts).

Bars and Pubbing in Guam

Guam’s nightlife is defined by its discos, bars and nightclubs with the highest concentration of venues in the Tumon Bay area. One of the notable establishments is Sand Castle and Globe (Sandcastle Complex, San Vitores Road, Tumon Bay), which is famous for its Vegas-style atmosphere and dinner shows featuring animal acts, magic, music, and dancing. For something quieter and more laid-back, Trades Jazz Club (Second Floor Bayview Plaza Building, Tumon Bay) is situated between the Hard Rock Café and the Sandcastle Complex, across from Planet Hollywood.

For a lower-key evening, neighborhood Guam bars are the best choice where you can enjoy good beer, darts, shuffleboard, pool, listen or dance to a great selection of music, and relax in a friendly and casual atmosphere without spending a lot. Most of these establishments open in the early afternoon, and the easiest way to get there is by car or taxi. American Legion (American Legion Mid-Pacific Post 1, Tamuning) is a highly recommended spot with an all-day happy hour and cheap breakfasts. You should also try Marianas Trench Bar and Lounge (Northwest Plaza, Ste 205, Tamuning), Mom’s Tavern (Route 8, off Marine Drive, Tamuning), and Josie’s Tavern (Marine Corps Drive, Tamuning).

Beach bars are strategically located to give customers a view of the Philippine Sea. The most popular are Sails Restaurant (Tumon Bay) and Santa Fe on the Bay Hotel Beach Bar (132 Lagoon Drive Tamuning). Both offer live entertainment. Jeff’s Pirates Cove (Highway 4, Talafofo) is one of Guam’s oldest beachfront haunts, and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It is home to the Seaside Museum and serves the best hamburgers on the island.

Dining and Cuisine in Guam

Guam boasts a large number of dining establishments, ranging from upscale restaurants to simple diners, familiar fast food chains and local snack stalls. Lonestar Steakhouse (Marine Corps Drive, Tumon) and Outback Steakhouse (Tumon, opposite Westin Hotel) are some of the best places to go for American fare. You should also try American Legion Canteen (American Legion Mid-Pac Post 1, Tamuning), which is open to the public and known for their "Burn Your Own Steak" event every second Saturday of the month.

Familiar franchises like The Hard Rock Café (Plaza Arcade, Tumon Bay), TGI Fridays (Tumon Bay or Hagatna) and Planet Hollywood (Pale San Vitores Road Tamuning) can be found everywhere. For those who want to try other cuisines, there’s Caliente Taqueria (Hagåtña) for Mexican, Thai Kitchen (Marine Corps Drive, Tamuning), House of Chin Fe (Anigua) for Chinese, and Jamaican Grill (Chamorro Village and Tumon) for authentic jerk barbecue cooked with exotic spices and local favorites like chicken keleguen (marinated in chilies, coconut, lemon juice, and onions).

The beaches of Guam are home to restaurants that serve good food at reasonable prices. Jeff’s Pirates Cove (Inarajan) is one of the oldest and most established, along with Sails (Tumon Bay Beach), which offers beachfront and indoor dining, cocktails and a live band for entertainment. Local radio stations also host beach parties here. Santa Fe Hotel Bar and Grill (132 Lagoon Drive, Tamuning) is one of the best places to enjoy a view of the sunset and the Philippine Sea during their lively happy hour.