Guam’s beautiful beaches are perfect for sitting back and relaxing, but its attractions are worth getting up for, too. Guam boasts plenty of natural wonders, historical landmarks and hidden gems. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy a trek through the jungles to see unique flora and fauna as well as its world-famous waterfalls. Those who wish to know more about the local culture can head to the heart of the island to explore the Spanish-influenced region or head south to meet and mingle with the Chamorros people.

Tumon Bay

Guam’s major tourist center, Tumon Bay offers plenty of coastal accommodations, nightlife and shopping opportunities. The surrounding waters are perfect for scuba diving thanks to the colorful coral reefs and underwater life. The southern portion is a mountainous region, while the northern coast is home to many cliffs. Accessible by bus or car, Tumon is a good starting point for visiting Two Lovers Point, the spot two star-crossed lovers committed suicide by jumping off a 378-foot cliff. While a bit macabre, the area is a beautiful vantage point of central Guam and Tumon Bay.
Address: Tumon Bay, Guam
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Guam was part of the Spanish regime for 333 years, and the capital of Hagåtña is proof of this time in history. The huge town is home to many ancient Spanish-style buildings along with relics from when the Chamorros lived in the area. Known as Agana, or Agaña, when it was under Spanish rule, from the 18th to the middle of the 20th century, Hagåtña was the population center of Guam. Nowadays, it serves as the seat of the island’s government and is an important commercial district.
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Ritidian Point

This national wildlife refuge at the northernmost tip of the island is well-known for its pristine beaches. Somewhat deserted on weekdays with only a few fishermen around, it gets busy on weekends when families come for picnics and to enjoy nature.
Address: Route 3A, Yigo, Guam
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Chamorro Village

The Chamorros are the indigenous people of Guam, and a visit to their village is a complete cultural immersion in the local lifestyle and cuisine. The area is particularly known for its night market where visitors can buy traditional handicrafts and discover how they were made by talented craftsmen and artisans. Getting here by car or bus is easy from any part of the island and the area is also known as I Sengsong Chamorro.
Address: 238 Archbishop Felixberto C. Flores Street, Hagåtña, 96910, Guam
Phone: +671-475-0377

Latte Park

This park is believed to have been built in 500 AD, and it is thought that the stones were used as support pillars for elevated homes of the Chamorro people. You can get here by bus or car.
Address: 232 West O’Brien Drive, Agana, Guam 96910, Mariana Islands
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Talofofo Falls

The sprawling Talofofo Falls Resort Park is a secluded paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches. At the center is the Ugum River’s 30-foot waterfall, which cascades into a pool with rock ledges and bluffs. The surrounding area is an excellent spot for picnics, while the pools are suitable for swimming. Talofofo Falls is accessible by car, you will need to hike to the top of the falls. Within the park are attractions like Observation Tower, Yokoi’s Cave, Ghost House, and the Guam Historical Museum. There is also a gift shop on site and an outdoor shooting range.
Address: Talofofo, Inarajan, Guam
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Gef Pago Park

Also known as Gef Pa’go Cultural Village, this historical attraction in the Inalahan Bay area is distinctive for its traditional thatched huts. It is open everyday and offers folk arts demonstrations as well as handmade crafts. Tours around the Inalahan are available and the area is often used as a venue for popular events, such as Dinana’Minagof Chamorro Dance Festival, Fiestan Inalahan, Cultural Camp, and the Storytelling Festival. Coconut candy, coconut weavings and sea salt are among the locally made products that can be bought from the gift shop. All proceeds go to the restoration of the park. Gef Pago Park is accessible by car or bus.
Address: HC1 17365, Inarajan, Guam 96915, Mariana Islands
Phone: +671-828-7246
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South Pacific Memorial Park

Situated in Yigo, this park commemorates the lives of the 500,000+ Japanese soldiers who died on the island in WWII. South Pacific Memorial Park is at the bottom of Mt. Matagi, which is also a site of a terrible battle.
Address: 678 Milalek Drive, Agana, Guam
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