Due to its isolation, the quickest and easiest mode of transportation to Fiji is by air. Air Pacific, which is the flagship carrier of Fiji is the main airline into the country. It is possible to arrive by boat, although the only connection is through Australia and the journey takes several days. Once on the island, boats are the most common way to get around Fiji.

Fiji Taxis and Car Rental

There are two types of taxis operating in Fiji – shared taxis and private taxis. Shared taxis are large vans that generally wait to fill-up before setting off. Private taxis are regular metered cabs. In general, taxi service in Fiji is safe and inexpensive. However, roads outside the cities are not well maintained, so expect a bumpy ride. It is possible to negotiate taxi fares, although meters are usually cheaper anyway. In Suva, common taxi companies include Regent Taxis Suva (+679-331-2100). Nadi also boasts several cab companies like Tanoa Taxi Services (+679-672-2052).

Car rental is available at Nadi International Airport and in the main cities. However, visitors are advised to rent a vehicle with a local driver as roads are not well maintained and can be dangerous, especially at night.

Fiji Water Taxis

Inter-island travel is mostly done via water taxis or ferries. Some journeys can take several hours, so tickets are not always cheap and some of the long-haul cruise ships provide several classes of seats for passengers. The Suva-Taveuni route is the busiest in the country with cabin-type sleepers available on selected routes. Some ferries have little space for sleeping, making journeys uncomfortable. On short inter-island routes, speed boats and small ferries are used.

Fiji Trains and Buses

There is no train service in the Fiji islands. However, buses travel to every corner of the large islands like Viti Levu. There are three bus categories: local, express and inter-city buses.

Local buses are cheap, but lack in modern comforts. They travel within major cities and between towns and villages. Local buses can be flagged down at almost any stop. Express local buses cannot be hailed as they have set routes. These buses are also a little more expensive than regular services and usually leave from main stations in each city, town, and village.

Inter-city buses include modern, air-conditioned coaches that only travel between cities. Most of these coaches pick up and drop off passengers at resorts. The main route for these buses is the scenically breathtaking Nadi-Suva, which runs several times a day along the Coral Coast. Sunbeam Transport is a reliable coach company operating in Fiji.