Being a tourist destination, Fiji possesses a fascinating shopping culture. You won’t find glittering, modern malls and high-end department stores in the towns of Fiji. Instead, shopping is primarily done within resorts, hotels, markets, and boutiques along city streets. Suva and Nadi boast the highest number of boutique shops in Fiji, but tourists don’t have to burn their entire shopping budget in these cities.

While in Fiji, there are a few shopping items of particular note. Sulus are a popular gift among international visitors. These skirt-cloths are great for wearing while holidaying in Fiji or as souvenirs. They are part of the national dress and suitable for both genders. Handmade tanoa bowls also high on tourists’ shopping lists, not to mention replica war weapons and local designer t-shirts.

Handcrafted products are widely available in Fiji, as well. Hand-woven baskets, reed-sulus, and mats remain in high demand. Fiji is also famous for its black pearl jewelry. The Bay of Savusavu is a mecca for black pearls, which eventually get traded to international companies, so purchasing in Fiji can save you a lot of money. A fantastic range of jewelry is on display in Nadi and Suva.

In the marketplaces of Fiji, visitors can try their hand at bargaining. However, they should be wary of scams or pressure to make a purchase.