Nature plays an important role in tourist attractions in Fiji. The beaches, islands, coral reefs, rainforests, and volcanic interiors make for spectacular scenery. However, this is not your typical tropical getaway. Ancient civilizations that once dotted the nation’s islands are still thriving in certain parts of the country and for those that have long since passed; archaeological evidence is constantly being uprooted and displayed. More accessible than ever, boat, bus, and domestic air travel make it possible to reach every island, cay, village, town, and city in Fiji.

Castaway Island

Even though Castaway Island didn’t come to the world’s attention until the famous Tom Hank movie, this secluded getaway is perfect for a memorable day away from the crowds at the resort. There are plenty of day cruises, so getting to the island is a breeze. However, getting off the island is another thing altogether: the beauty of its luscious vegetation, clear azure waters, natural wildlife, and of course, movie set makes it difficult for anyone to want to leave! Visitors can climb to the peak of the island’s highland interior or swim above the coral that sweeps the island’s shoreline. Address: Solevu, Fiji Phone: +679-666-1233 Website:

Fiji Museum

If tourists don’t know much about the history of this fascinating South Pacific nation, then a morning or afternoon exploring the Fiji Museum is a must. This awesome cultural complex provides information about ancient and recent history of the country. Visitors can witness the cannibalistic rituals of ancient tribes, various historic tools and artifacts, and war weapons commonly used by traditional indigenous villages. A look into the recent political struggles of Fiji is also on display. Address: Cokobau Road, Suva, Fiji Phone: +679-331-5944 Website:


Nananu-i-Ra is the perfect example of how great things often come in small packages. Tourists can experience Fiji at its finest where white, sun-drenched beaches, shimmering Pacific water, and teeming underwater gardens await visitors. Unfortunately, the interior of the island has been leveled by farmers, so instead of rolling rainforests, the scenery is rolling hills of grassland. Roads and villages are not present, so tourists have the whole area to themselves. Address: Rakiraki of Ra Province, Fiji Phone: n/a Website: n/a

Koroyanitu National Heritage Park

Koroyanitu National Heritage Park is a walker’s paradise and one of Fiji’s most important ecotourism attractions. Castle Rock is the tallest peak within the park and views from the top are simply outstanding. Visitors can explore the rainforest regions and uncover about half a dozen vintage villages. There is also a waterfall hidden within the park which tourists can hike to in just an hour or two. Fiji’s natural landscape is more than coral gardens and astonishing beaches, and Koroyanitu National Heritage Park proves this. Address: Nawaka, Fiji Phone: +679-664-5431 Website: n/a

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Upon arrival at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, visitors may seem less than impressed with the initial views of the site. The dunes are not Sahara-esque, but they still boast one of the Pacific’s most endearing archaeological finds. An ancient Pacific civilization burial site is located here, along with a plethora of pottery and other artifacts. The dunes are predominantly covered by vines, but visitors can see these natural landmarks as beautiful regardless. The dunes are located on the southern reaches of the Sigatoka River. Address: Viti Levu, Fiji Phone: +679-331-4593 Website:

Bouma National Heritage Park

Including coastal and rainforest areas, Bouma National Heritage Park is one of Fiji’s most divine natural landmarks. Located on Taveuni, the park takes up a large portion of the area and the main feature is the Tavoro Waterfall. There are three waterfalls in total, with the largest and most spectacular located close to the visitor’s center. All three cascades have swimming lagoons at their base, so tourists are advised to have a dip while marveling at the picturesque beauty. The trek to the falls is not overly difficult, but there are some patches of steepness along the way so take care when hiking through the park. The farthest waterfall from the visitor’s center takes about 50 minutes to reach. Address: Taveuni, Fiji Phone: n/a Website:

Parliament of Fiji

Fiji’s political history is intriguing to say the least. Nevertheless, the building that houses the national parliament is one of Fiji’s most modern structures and a deserved tourist landmark. The complex opened its doors in 1992 and has since remained one of the most alluring political houses in the world. Visitors can easily see the ideals of traditional-Fijian preservation within the structure, as plenty of the archipelago’s premier cultural features are present throughout the open halls. Masi cloths, artistic pieces, and ancient relics are all displayed and tours of the grounds can be arranged. Address: Battery Road, Suva, Fiji Phone: +679-330-5822 Website: