Mauritius has a tropical climate tempered by the Trade Winds, which keep the weather fairly consistent throughout the year. November to April is the warmer, wetter season, with average temperatures of 76°F, while June to September is cooler and drier period around 69°F. The inland plateau of Mauritius has slightly cooler weather than the lowlands and receives a lot more rain. The cyclone season runs from January to March when three day storms can bring large quantities of rain and cause varying amounts of damage.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius

The fairly consistent temperature and weather on Mauritius make it a good place to visit all year-round. Travelers intent on surfing tend to prefer June, July and August, while divers find conditions more suitable in September, January, February, and March.

December and January is the peak tourist season on Mauritius and consequently when food, travel and accommodation are at their highest. The temperatures are the hottest and the end of year makes it more likely that tourists will be taking a beach holiday or escaping a chilly winter elsewhere.