English is the official language of Mauritius and is generally well understood as it is taught in schools and used for government communication. However, English is about the third language for most of the population with French and Mauritian Creole, based on French that incorporates Dutch, English, African and other words, much more commonly spoken. Some residents also speak Hindi, Urdu, Hakka, Mandarin, or Tamil. Almost all people working in the tourism industry are able to communicate in English.


The official currency is the Mauritian rupee (MUR). US dollars, euro and other currencies are usually not accepted, and if they are, the exchange rate is likely unfavorable. Currency can be exchanged at banks or one of the numerous exchange bureaus at the airport and in tourist areas. Travelers’ checks can be cashed at banks. ATMs are readily available in larger towns. MasterCard and Visa are generally accepted, especially by larger businesses, restaurants and hotels. American Express and other credit cards are much less common.


Mauritius is in the Mauritius Time zone which is four hours ahead of GMT (GMT +4).


Mauritius uses electricity at 230 V/50 Hz with plug types C and G. Visitors using appliances that are on a different voltage will need a transformer and adapter. Devices from the UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, or Singapore will usually work in Mauritius.


The international dialing code for Mauritius is +230. Area codes are not in use. Mauritius Telecom is the main provider of landline and mobile telephone services. There are four main internet providers: Mauritius Telecom, Nomad, MTML, and Emtel. Mauritius Telecom has 600 coin or card operated public phones across Mauritius. Internet cafes are not common, although there are one or two in the capital, Port Louis. The government has a plan to make Wi-Fi freely available across the island, but that project is not yet complete. Currently, Wi-Fi is most commonly found at McDonalds and big hotels.


Visitors to Mauritius who are over 16 years of age are allowed to bring one liter of spirits, two liters of wine, ale or beer, 250 g of cigarettes, cigars or tobacco.

Tourist Office

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), 4,5th Floors Victoria House, St Louis Street, Port Louis, Mauritius: +230 210 1545

Consulates in Mauritius

Australian High Commission, Port Louis: +230-202-0160
Consulate of Canada, Port Louis: +230-212-5500
Consulate of Canada, Port Louis: +230-286-4920
U.S. Embassy, Port Louis: +230-202-4400


Ambulance: 999 or 114
Police: 999 or 112
Fire: 995 or 115
Tourist Police: +230-213-2818
Coast Guard: +230-212-2747