The restaurant scene in Guinea-Bissau is not as large as other West African countries with more developed tourism infrastructure. Still, eating out (especially in the capital) can be enjoyable. Local hotels have their own in-house restaurants, and many independent establishments can be found near the city center. A typical Guinean dish consists of rice and fish, which are abundant and relatively cheap throughout the country. Plates that contain beef, chicken, pork, and goat meat are also on hand, often served or seasoned with different kinds of sauces, (peanut is common), palm oil and vegetables. Some Guineans also enjoy eating wild game meat like monkey, deer and beaver, although this is discouraged as these animals are near extinction. Light bites can be found in street stalls that sell sandwiches, omelets, hardboiled eggs, donuts, and cakes.

Bars and Pubbing in Guinea-Bissau

Head uptown for good bars, pubs and cafés where you can enjoy good music and friendly chats. Elsewhere in town, nightlife is virtually nonexistent, outside of a group of friends splitting a large bottle of booze around plastic tables lined on the sidewalk. Decent bars may be hard to come by, but there are a couple of good ones near the town center. X Club (Rua Osualdo Veira, Bissau) is an upscale place for late-night partying and a friendly game of snooker. Bambu 2000 (Av de 14 Novembro, Bissau) is reliable for weekend nights out, though it is a little far from town. Saburu (Bissau) is a popular local nightspot with a dance floor and a good selection of drinks.

Dining and Cuisine in Guinea-Bissau

The selection of restaurants in Bissau is not as wide as you might expect from a capital, but there are some choices, nonetheless. Hotels have their own restaurants, but they tend to be expensive. Most cafés and eateries can be found in the town center like Dona Fernanda (Town Center, Bissau) which is tucked in a little corner down a dirt road to the east of Estrada de Santa Luzia. It is a good place for authentic Guinean dishes, serving the best bica or sea bream in the city.

Papa Louca (Av Francisco Mendes, Bissau) is a nice place for a quick bite in Guinea-Bissau, serving tasty hamburgers, pizzas and shawarmas. It is frequented by expats and is a decent option if you need a quick lunch or dinner. Restaurant Magui (Av Amilcar Cabral, Bissau) is a charming spot located on top of the defunct cinema which serves excellent Senegalese dishes. For great seafood and traditional Portuguese fare, Restaurant Asa Branca (Rua Justino Lopes, Bissau) may be up your alley. If it is comfort food you are looking for, head to Gelataria Baiana (Praca Ché Guevara, Bissau) for baked goods and aromatic espresso. It has an outdoor terrace overlooking the park square. Bate Papo (Bissau) is another popular café for those with a coffee or pastry craving.