Cultural festivals, Guinea-Bissau holidays, religious celebrations and other traditional events are celebrated throughout the country. Most local festivities such as the Guinea-Bissau Carnival are centered around art and music, while religious rites are devotedly observed by those who adhere to Muslim, Christian and other indigenous beliefs. Most events do not have set schedules.

Muslim festivals

Like the rest of the world, Muslim festivals in Guinea-Bissau are timed in accordance with the different phases of the moon. Ramadan, which precedes Korité, is a month-long fast. There is a huge meal to mark the end of the season. The Feast of the Sacrifice is another widely celebrated Muslim event.

Festival de Bubaque

Held in the Bijagós Archipelago, the Bubaque Festival is a colorful event that celebrates the local music scene. It attracts musicians and personalities from all over the country to perform all kinds of Guinean music. Dates need to be confirmed as there seems to be no fixed time for this event.

Guinea-Bissau Carnival

The local Carnival features exciting programs that showcase great Guinean talents, ethnic traditions and cultural presentations. It is a big celebration that takes place annually at Easter time for about four days before Lent. Guineans enjoy traditional dances accompanied by instruments and people dress up in flamboyant costumes crafted from leaves, cow horns and shells. Parades take place on wooden boats and big trucks in this unique celebration.

Movimento Hip Hop Festival

West African countries are big on music, and the Movimento Hip Hop Festival is just one of the many sought after events in Guinea-Bissau. The first festival was held in May 2009, but dates need to be confirmed for future shows. Artists from all over the nation and neighboring countries participate with lyrics that often discuss the political and social issues of the region.