Eritrea’s diverse geography explains the distinct climates in different regions. The desert strip and the Red Sea coastal area experiences hot and dry weather, while the central highlands have a cooler and wetter climate and the lowlands and western hills are semiarid. Regardless of the region and the time of the year, typical temperatures in the country rarely go above 86°F. There are two seasons—dry and rainy. The dry season is from December to April, when the terrain is rusty and red-brown. Percipitation is experienced the rest of the year, with heavier downpours between May and September.

Best time to Visit Eritrea

Overall, Eritrea is blessed with a lovely climate. The weather is pleasant whatever time of the year you decide to visit. Since it can get extremely cold at night as well as in the morning, consider bringing heavy clothes, especially when staying at high altitude areas. "High season" (which still isn't too touristy) is between September and October and March and April.