Asmara International Airport and Massawa International Airport are the main air gateways in and out of Eritrea. They are served by major airlines such as Lufthansa, Nasair, Egyptair, and flagship carrier, Eritrean Airlines, which flies to Cairo, Dubai, Cape Town, Jeddah, Frankfurt, and other African cities. Connections can be made via major African hubs as well as through Frankfurt and Rome. Internal flights are possible between Assab and Asmara, though these are rare and limited.

Asmara International Airport

The airport in Asmara is a short ride from the city center, and good transportation connections are available. There are private taxis or fixed route buses to take you downtown.

Massawa International Airport

This airport mainly serves the Northern Red Sea Region. It has just one concrete runway and often receives private flights from dignitaries and other world leaders. They did not start commercial operations until 2010.