A perfect destination for those who love exploring the road less traveled, Eritrea boasts some of the most stunning hidden wonders in the Horn of Africa. It offers a great mix of historical sites, beaches and sprawling natural parks that are all within easy reach of the vibrant capital of Asmara. There are scenic drives everywhere and the famous Asmara-Keran Road leads to stunning landmarks of the past. Eritrea boasts one of the oldest railways and archaeological sites on the continent. The geography enables travelers to enjoy all kinds of adventurous pursuits, including trekking and hiking.

Oasis Travel and Tour Agency is one of the best tour operators for day trips through Eritrea. The group offers stimulating archaeological tours to popular sites like Adi Keih, Belew Kelew and Qohaito that will walk you through some of the most important landmarks in the country. Nature lovers will enjoy bird watching in the Fill Fill region, as well as nature trips and scuba diving on the Red Sea and its stunning coastal areas.

Erinine Tour Operator and Travel Agency offers the best tour packages for exploring the historic cities of Eritrea. The group offers extensive programs around Asmara, Massawa and other ancient towns. Additionally, they offer cruises around the Red Sea.

Damera Tours specializes in cultural tours for those who want to discover the ancient civilizations once that existed in southern Eritrea and elsewhere in Africa. Asmara Grande offers excellent island tours around Dahlak Archipelago and the Massawa region, where you can try aquatic activities and water sports. If you wish to arrange a custom itineraries around Eritrea, Travel House International can help you plan your travel around a specific budget or if you want to visit specific pilgrimage sites.