"Transportation in Botswana" by Pe_Wu via Flickr Creative Commons

Botswana Taxis and Car Rental

Self-drive in Botswana is admittedly the adventure of a lifetime, but requires a lot of planning and even more time. Distances between attractions are vast and, dependent on weather conditions, a 4WD fully-equipped for camping is the only way to go. Travel permits are needed, and car rental is only allowed for those over 25. Home drivers’ licenses provide coverage for six months and, given the chance of a close encounter with the local wildlife, full insurance is a necessity. Car rental is a pricey option though, much more expensive than covering the same ground via an all-inclusive tour package.

Taxis are found in Gaborone, Francistown, Kasane and Maun, and are easily identified by their blue-background number plates. It’s normal for as many as five strangers all heading to different destinations to share one cab. Taxi travel is relatively inexpensive, scams are rare and mini-bus taxis are also available. A to B Cab Company (+267-390-2146) operates in Gaborone, as does Dial-a-Cab (+267-391-1449).

Botswana Trains and Buses

All domestic rail routes were cancelled in 2009, leaving buses the only public transport option for traveling between major towns. Seabalo is the largest of several bus companies, and runs regular long-distance services from Gaborone to all the bigger cities. Bus travel isn’t expensive, but involves long journeys in transport which may not have air conditioning or reclining seats. Minibuses also serve the more built–up areas.

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