As Latin America rapidly expands its tourism options, spiritual tourism is growing at an exceedingly fast pace. Beach and mountain lodges and resorts are increasingly attracting yoga instructors and meditation retreats. In places throughout the Amazon you will find shaman leading ayahuasca rituals, which are becoming an increasingly popular form of spiritual tourism in South America. In the Andes shaman use the San Pedro cactus to begin guided hallucinations and the practice is becoming more and more open to Western tourists.

  1. Sacred Valley, Peru

    This was the Inca heartland and a major tourism center that has increasingly opened its eyes toward spiritual retreats in the form of yoga sessions and workshops from world renowned leaders and ayahuasca retreats from the best shaman in the Amazon.

  2. Arenal, Costa Rica

    The awesome energy of the Arenal volcano has spurred numerous health and spiritual immediately around it. If you’re not at the posh thermal resort of Tabacón you can try a yoga or meditation retreat elsewhere in the lush tropical region.

  3. Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

    Yoga retreats at a jungle lodge in one of the most biodiverse places on earth are sure to get you in tune with nature.

  4. Elqui Valley, Chile

    Astrology, yoga, meditation, chakral healing, and Buddhism are all practiced widely in the Elqui Valley. It’s location on the thirty degree latitude line is said to be a point of high energy.

  5. Huancabamba, Peru

    The legendary Andean region holds numerous mountain lakes that are home to shaman healers that attract people from across Latin America and the world. This is rustic spirituality with absolutely no amenities or tourist infrastructure.

  6. Pucallpa, Peru

    The Shipibo shamans of Pucallpa are the most legendary guides for ayahuasca rituals in the Amazon. Traditions have been passed from shaman to shaman for centuries and represent one of the last traditional indigenous arts of the Amazon.

  7. Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador

    Santo Domingo in the lush Andean foothills is home to the Tsáchila, the most famous group of indiegnous healers in Ecuador. San Pedro and healing sessions attract believers from around the world.

  8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Rio’s Santeria or Macumba priests attract many who are interested in what is considered “black witchcraft” to help change one’s luck.

  9. Copan, Honduras

    At a small hacienda sitting on a mountain above the legendary Mayan city you can meditate and do yoga on a small platform absorbing the mystical energy of the entire valley.

  10. Bahia, Brazil

    Coastal Brazil is an epicenter of Afro-Brazilian culture, not to mention great eco-resorts and beach hideaways that attract yoga workshops and healing sessions with Amazonian shamans.