Your budget and the location are your biggest choices when choosing a spiritual retreat. The more isolated the location; chances are the pricier it is to reach. Your comfort level is important as well. While many are content with staying in basic conditions and doing their own chores at an ashram, many want and can afford more luxurious surroundings. Many prefer posh eco resorts with a pool, air conditioned rooms, and all around luxurious facilities. The world’s finest resorts are frequently turning to yoga classes and world renowned gurus to attract visitors during retreats. You should always have a contract in writing stating everything included in your tour from the equipment down to the food.

There is a very wide variety of operators. Many are local operators who arrange trips with local guides or stays directly at their own lodges. Others are international booking agents that simply contract out local operators. Others are large, multi-national corporations that design custom luxury trips all over the world and use anyone from leaders in spiritual research to unqualified yoga instructors.

Suggested Tour Operators

Adventure Yoga Retreats (, Tel. +310-455-6681)
Premium yoga travel adventures for teachers and students. Retreats are held all over the world and are often combined with adventure sports and other activities.
Ayahuasca-Wasi (, Tel. + 5184-960-3603)
This Peruvian operator offers frequent ayahuasca sessions and shamanic workshops in Peru’s Sacred Valley or Amazon.
Freespirit Travel (, Tel. +01273-564230)
Freespirit is one of the leading yoga tour operators in the UK and offers tours throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Morocco.
Infinite Yoga (, Tel. +619-269-7043)
This San Diego based operator holds a wide variety of yoga training and retreats including corporate events, kids yoga, private classes, and international getaways.
Inward Bound (, Tel. +800-760-5099)
Yoga retreats and international yoga vacation tours in luxury at exotic locales around the world, including Costa Rica, Jamaica, Marrakech, and Mexico.
Singles Yoga (, Tel. +647-346-8451)
Singles yoga provides retreats for those who are looking to meet and learn with other like-minded people. A fun, safe, relaxed atmosphere for singles and yoga lovers.
Skyros (, Tel. +01-983-86-5566)
This tour operator has been providing alternative vacations on several continents for three decades. Yoga retreats, learning workshops, health sessions, are all great for independent travelers and singles.

Do-it-yourself options

Apart from meditating alone in the wilderness you will need some sort of program to enter or join. Of course you won’t always need a tour operator to get you there. Most retreats and programs can be booked directly or through the location they are being held. At ashrams you can often walk right up to the door and sign up. You really don’t need to pre-book unless it is extremely popular and they lack the space.