Christian pilgrimages are the most important form of spiritual tourism in Europe. Many will hike and crawl across biblical sites in acts of dedication to Christianity in places such as Lourdes or the Vatican. Christian sites are not the only offering through, the ancient monoliths at Stonehenge attract many pagan groups and yoga and meditation retreats at beach resorts in the Mediterranean are growing a larger and larger following.

  1. Lourdes, France

    Five million pilgrims come to Lourdes every year to the site where apparitions of the Virgin Mary appeared numerous times in 1858. Unusual occurrences are said to take place all the time during mass and while drinking water from the Lourdes Spring.

  2. Stonehenge, England

    This circular collection of stones eight miles north of Salisbury date back to as far as 5,000 years and attract thousands of druid wannabes and ancient societies who have traditions dating back hundreds of years if not more.

  3. Fátima, Portugal

    In 1917 three peasant children claimed to have seen the "Virgin of the Rosary" and now millions of pilgrims come here every year crawling on their hands and knees.

  4. Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

    Thousands of visitors flock to this coastal commune every year to learn about living a healthy spiritual life. Part eco-village, part organic farm, part learning center, and part reflection retreat.

  5. Skyros Center, Greece

    This spiritual resort complex on the Greek isle of Skyros is reached only by foot through the quaint cobblestone streets. Programs for serious yoga enthusiasts and meditation sessions.

  6. Vatican City

    You can witness the Pope give Sunday mass or tour St. Peter’s Cathedral, where the body of St. Peter is thought to be buried.

  7. Ashtanga Yoga Retreat, Spain

    This retreat lost in the mountains near Molina del Rey in southern Spain is a new age favorite for Ashtanga, Iyengar, and fusion yoga retreats.

  8. Ibiza, Spain

    Europe’s favorite party resort is also home to some of the best yoga retreats in the Mediterranean. Ibiza yoga has numerous retreats and sessions by many of the world’s most renowned teachers.

  9. Assisi, Italy

    Assisi is where the founder of the Franciscan order, St. Francis, and St. Clare, the founder of Poor Clares were born. Numerous pilgrims each year flock to the small Italian town.

  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Outside of the Cannabis smoke and Red Light Districts, Amsterdam has always been a favorite new age hotspot and place of experimentation with spirituality.