While trips to Mars or other planets aren’t going to be offered anytime soon, lunar missions are on their way, and trips to the International Space Station have already begun. An explosion of tours on the lower levels is in the works from the world’s first Spaceline that will offer regular Sub-Orbital flights. There are also zero gravity flights, which your entire office can do, or astronaut training trips. On the lighter side you can head to space camp, which isn’t for just kids anymore, or simply watch a shuttle launch.

  1. Lunar Missions While only a handful of people in the world can afford a trip to the moon, the trip is possible and space tour companies have already begun taking reservations at $100 million a pop.
  2. Orbital Flight An orbital flight gives you ten days on the International Space Station where you will rotate the entire surface of the earth every 90 minutes. A handful of multi-millionaires have already made the trip. Expect prices to drop from the $10 million price tag as technology improves.
  3. Sub-Orbital Flight Although these flights have been going on for a few years, when Virgin Galactic Spaceline begins the average price is going to drop significantly. You’ll fly 62 mile above the earth, experience weightlessness, and be able to see the curve of the earth.
  4. Zero Gravity Flight Even Las Vegas now has a launch pad for zero gravity flights. The experience, usually done with a small group, costs about $4,000 a person and gives you the opportunity to experience weightlessness. These are the same flights astronauts use to train.
  5. Astronaut/Cosmonaut Training At Star City, Russia you can go through a basic Cosmonaut training experience lasting about 10 days. You’ll get the opportunity to experience a centrifuge, a similar feel to a rocket launch, the feeling of weightlessness, and the opportunity to man a Soyuz Space Flight simulator.
  6. Space Camp, Various Sites These favorite Pre-teen camps, often lead by NASA, give children the opportunity to learn the basics of space flight and begin their life long interest in outer space. A summer camp for the new millennium. Adult and corporate programs are increasing in popularity as well.
  7. U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Alabama Apart from having the top Space Camp around, Huntsville, Alabama’s U.S. Space and Rocket Center a Space Museum, the host of numerous special events, and interactive features such as a Mars climbing wall, theater, and Apollo cockpit trainer.
  8. Star City, Russia The military research and training facility north of Moscow is home to the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre and the rest of Russia’s space program.
  9. Kennedy Space Center, Florida NASA’s launch headquarters, including a large visitor’s center, are just 45 minutes from Disney World and the rest of Orlando’s mega theme parks.
  10. Euro Space Center, Belgium The visitor center of the European Space Program is also home to a a space school and training programs.

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