"ZeroG" by Art Jonak via Flickr Creative Commons

Considering that there are only a handful of different space related tour operators you’re options are limited to what precisely you want to do. There isn’t much competition in Orbital flights at the moment, but that could change soon. If you’re plans are to visit the international space station, you just have one space travel company to contact. Sub-Orbital flights, which take you more than 60 miles above the earth, there are going to be many choices within a few decades. Reservations are already being accepted though, so if you would like a seat you need to act now. The waiting list has already grown to about a year wait. For things such as zero gravity flights you have a bit of option. Regardless of what you choose, you should get everything down in writing, especially for a trip that could run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Suggested Tour Operators and Space Programs

Camp Kennedy Space Center (http://www.kennedyspacecenter.com, Tel. +321-449-4400)
This week long space summer camp for ages 8-14 at Kennedy Space Center near Orlando, Florida offers meetings with astronauts, the thrill of space flight through motion simulators, and lots of interactive activities that attendees will remember for the rest of their lives.
Incredible Adventures (http://www.incredible-adventures.com, Tel. +941-346-2603)
A wide variety of outrageous adventure activities such as zero gravity flights, space adventures, air combat, driving Nascar and Formula One cars, and diving with sharks.
Space Camp (http://www.spacecamp.com, Tel. +256-721-7150)
Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama is one of the premier children’s space camps in the world and has a variety of 3 to 8 day programs. The popularity of the camp has lead to space programs for teens and adults as well.
Space Adventures (http://www.spaceadventures.com, Tel: +703-524-7172)
Space Adventures is the premier space and space-related adventure travel and tourism operator. Based in Russia, they have joined forces with the Russian space program to offer trips like no private space operator ever could. You can do everything from in depth training with cosmonauts, take a zero gravity flight, Sub-Orbital flight, or full fledged ten day Orbital flight that docks at the international space station. There’s even talk of offering trips to the Moon, but so far there haven’t been any takers.
Virgin Galactic (http://www.virgingalactic.com)
Virgin Galactic, owned by adventurer and entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, offers Sub-Orbital space flights with a new version of Spaceship One, called Spaceship Two. Provides description of flights, a three day intensive training course, and of course the flight. The world’s first commercial Spaceline.
Zero G (http://www.gozerog.com)
Offering regular zero gravity sites form launch sites across the United States including Las Vegas and Orlando.

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