With rooms for single travelers often priced considerably less than comparable rooms elsewhere in the world, it is no wonder solo trips around North America are quite common. Whether you’ve come to watch Broadway shows, relax in a spa, or ride a motorcycle across desert highways you have come to the right place. While the dollar sinks to new lows, now is the time to indulge in your solo trip in North America.

  1. Sante Fe, New Mexico

    The serenity of the desert is matched by nearby Japanese Health Spas and Yoga Retreats. Where spirituality and nature meet.

  2. Oahu, Hawaii

    Whether you want complete relaxation in a pristine natural setting or the opportunity to meet a vibrant assortment of travelers from all over the world, Hawaii’s most populated island has you covered.

  3. Greenbrier, West Virginia

    The sulfur Springs at Greenbrier, now a legendary resort and spa, have been luring solitude seekers since the 18th century.

  4. New York, New York

    You’re likely to run into someone you know in this vibrant city, or perhaps just meet someone new. One of the most dynamic places in the world with fine museums, some of the best restaurants, trendy bars and clubs, a real international scene, and even a cheap hostel.

  5. Appalachian Trail

    You’ll be sore, tired, and blistered from walking the several thousand miles of this trail in the Eastern United States without help, but you will be rewarded with not only the pride of covering one of the most legendary terrains on earth, but meeting many great friends along the way.

  6. Montreal, Quebec

    Solo travelers that come to this French speaking metropolis in central Canada will find vibrant cafes, excellent dining, and exciting nightlife.

  7. Cancun, Mexico

    If you are single and looking to hook up, there’s no better way than on a trip to Cancun.

    Party central for North American spring breakers and sun seekers of all sorts.

  8. Los Angeles, California

    Dreams of falling in love with a Hollywood starlet? Come to LA for the comfort of boutique hotels, the relaxation of beaches, or the opportunity to just lose yourself on a shopping trance on Rode Drive.

  9. Miami Beach, Florida

    The solo traveler in Miami will find easy access to plastic surgery and the solitude to recover, as well as a social scene that runs from South Beach to Lincoln road.

  10. Walden Pond, Massachusetts

    This 61 acre pond and the surrounding wilderness near Concord, Massachusetts still attracts solo travelers and naturalists each year that want to commune with nature the way Henry David Thoreau did.