Solo trips through Europe have been legendary since Hemmingway days, especially among North Americans and Australians. This is the world’s center of tourism and one of the most expensive set of destinations on earth right now, not good news for the solo traveler, but with some smart choices they can still manage quite well and travel relatively cheap. Use your Eurorail pass, low cost regional airlines; stay in hostel dorms, and with friends. You’ll have no problem meeting others on this trip.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Lured by fine smoke, fine art, and the serene canals weaving their way throughout the city, solo travelers often stick around here longer than they ever expected.

  2. Interlaken, Switzerland

    Europe’s adventure sports capital draws hordes of solo travelers to go white water rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, skiing, and anything else to get their nails dirty.

  3. Florence, Italy

    The thought of meeting an enchanting Italian guy or gal in this historic and sophisticated destination is every romantics dream.

  4. Athens, Greece

    A vibrant social life; wine, women, and song; lures solo travelers by the bus load. Athens is just the starting point to discovering the magic that is Greece.

  5. Prague, Czech Republic

    Although prices have increased since the Czech Republic joined the EU, the gothic atmosphere, free flowing pubs, and lively expat community keep the adventurous solo trippers coming.

  6. Paris, France

    Although pricey for the solo traveler, the City of Light’s appeal is obvious: the world’s greatest museums, iconic monuments and architecture, high fashion, breathtaking cathedrals, fine food, and beautiful people.

  7. Madrid, Spain

    When you step up to a bar for wine and Tapas in Madrid, you are sure to meet a slew of other chatty locals and fun travelers.

  8. Barcelona, Spain

    Lively bars and restaurants combined with a vibrant expat and traveling community makes for loads of interaction and new friends for the solo traveler.

  9. Ibiza, Spain

    If you bring friends to Ibiza, you’ll probably lose them anyway. Sex, sun, and 24-hour partying awaits the solo traveler.

  10. London, England

    Being able to speak English in London helps solo travelers who are on their own for the first time avoid further confusion. Friendly people, great sites, and loads of trendy restaurants, bars, and shops that the solo traveler can lose themselves in.