If your goal in your solo journey is complete and utter relaxation and paradisiacal views, look no further than the islands of the Pacific. Not only is there luxury, but the occasional dive trip or hike through pristine natural environments. For meeting people, Australia and New Zealand are the better option. Try the big cities and backpacker hangouts where the solo traveler is welcomed with open arms.

  1. Sydney, Australia

    Make some friends at your hostel at Kings Cross, then go out to explore the beaches, nightlife, Macquarie Street, and the Opera House together.

  2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    If paradise is your first thought when planning a solo vacation, look no further than Bora Bora. Just a few tiny strips of land surrounding a stunning lagoon that is more tranquil than the beaches of Fiji and more pristine than those of Tahiti.

  3. Cairns, Australia

    From beers at the Woolshed to the tropical climate and Great Barrier Reef, Cairns has blossomed into one of Australia’s top backpacker haunts and a favorite stop for solo trippers down under.

  4. Queenstown, New Zealand

    Queenstown is often called the Adventure capital of the World, so heli-biking, hiking, rafting, or bungee jumping shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. When your adrenaline is pumping you will find it so much easier to make friends.

  5. Christchurch, New Zealand

    The Garden City on the South Island is filled with foreign students and long term travelers who come for the arts, nightlife, and loads of festivals.

  6. Samoa

    Prices are low for the budget traveler, even a solo one because the amenities are basic compared with neighboring islands. Find yourself a thatched huts and watch the world go by.

  7. Easter Island, Chile

    If solitude is what you are after, try to most isolated island in the world. Bubbling volcanoes, perfect beaches, ancient stone moais keep your trip on the exotic side.

  8. Multi-Island Cruises, South Pacific

    Sailing around the South Pacific, hopping form island to island, could be the best way on earth to get your head clear and escape from the daily grind.

  9. Fraser Island, Australia

    Rainforests, surf spots, sand dunes, mangrove forests, and rare wildlife make Queensland’s Fraser island one of the most desolate places in Australia. There’s no paved roads, no cars, few people. Come here to for some intense self reflection with nature as your guide.

  10. Tahiti, French Polynesia

    If you’re solo, getting a package deal to Tahiti is simple, especially in the off season. Keep to the tranquility of your over water bungalow, maybe have a masseuse sent over, then spoil yourself with fine food and red sunsets.