Asia is one of those places where anything is possible for the solo traveler. If they want prime luxury and service they head to some of the world’s most expensive resorts and spas. Isolation? They can escape to little known hamlets and hideaways on tropical isles and secluded jungle beaches. To meet people? This is the most crowded place in the world. Finding others won’t be an issue. Self reflection? Find a temple or a guru and you are well on your way.

  1. Katmandu, Nepal

    Whether you’re here to climb Mount Everest, hike the Anapurna Circuit, or drink beer from the world’s highest brewery you will be in the company of many others. Katmandu, deep in the Himalayas, has one of the world’s most international tourist atmospheres.

  2. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

    These idyllic islands near Phuket were the scene of the enchanting scenes from the backpacker favorite The Beach, where one man’s solo search goes astray. Vertical rock faces rise right out of the water hiding tiny coves, caves, and tiny beaches of legends.

  3. Rishikesh, India

    Dozens of ashrams long favored by solo traveler’s line the Ganges River in this Himalayan retreat where the Beatles once came to meet with the Maharishi.

  4. Ko Phagnan, Thailand

    Home of the legendary Full Moon party that occurs every month to the favor of tens of thousands of revelers who come to indulge in not only the idyllic beaches and natural environment, but an endless supply of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.

  5. Dharamsala, India

    This New Age center is home to Buddhist seminars and studies, the Dalai Lama, Yoga training centers, Reiki lessons, cooking schools, and more where the solo traveler can get a new perspective.

  6. Bali, Indonesia

    Surfing and 24 hour a day parties, seven days a week, lure a fun loving crowd of Aussies and international jet setters to Kuta Beach. Head to Ubud or elsewhere in the interior for Hindu temples, rice terraces, monkey jungles, and yoga retreats.

  7. Bangkok, Thailand

    Kao San road in Bangkok is one of the most legendary backpacker haunts in the world. You’ll have no trouble meeting over drinks with everyone from Kiwi students to Thai groupies.

  8. Manali, India

    India’s answer to Katmandu with a lively expat community, motorcycle rentals for trips into the unknown, hiking outfitters, rafting tours, and Buddhists temples.

  9. Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Everyone from the lowliest backpacker to the adventurous millionaire is flocking to Siem Reap to not only visit the temples at Angkor, but to stay in the former palaces and posh new resorts. Regardless your budget, everyone drinks together at night.

  10. Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

    If wide open skies and being thousands of miles form anywhere doesn’t give you the feeling of solitude, nothing will.