"Mountain Biking" by Waldo93 via Pixabay

Recommending Mountain Biking Books

A Bike Ride: 12, 000 Miles Around the World by Anne Mustoe
One woman’s travel adventures from here 12,000 mile journey circling the globe on her bike.
Bicycling in Africa by David Mozer
A general run through of Africa specific cycling information.
The Complete Guide To Europe By Bicycle by Anthony Lambert.
Published in 2006, this is one of the most complete guides for riding in Europe.
Cycling Australia by Ian Duckworth
Everything you need to know about riding in the Land Down Under.
The Cyclist’s Training Manual: Fitness and Skills for Every Rider by Guy Andrews and Simon Doughty
Workout routines and biking fitness for the serious cyclist
It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong
Detailed memoir of Lance Armstrong’s road to recovery from cancer and coming back to win the Tour de France.
Latin America by Bike by Walter Sienko
General info and country by country cycling details across Central and South America.
Mountain Bike Action (http://www.mbaction.com)
A highly graphic print and digital magazine for mountain bike enthusiasts. Bike tests, gear reviews, racing stats, and how-to features.
Mountain Biking Magazine (http://www.mtbiking.com)
One of the leading publications on mountain biking in the world today.
The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible by Joe Friel
All around information for training to be a better mountain bike rider.
Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance by Lennard Zinn
Manual of how to care, repair, and build your bike that manages to be entertaining and lively.

Useful Mountain Biking Websites


Bicycle Touring 101 (http://www.bicycletouring101.com)
Introductory resource for those considering bicycle touring.
Club MTB (http://www.clubmtb.com)
An online resource on mountain biking clubs worldwide. Easy way for club members to connect. Not free, but just a small fee.
Dirt World (http://www.dirtworld.com)
Trail guides, message boards, features, videos, photos, news, links, and racing information. One of the most complete mountain biking resources on the web.
Mountain Bike Training (http://www.discovermountainbiking.com)
An online encyclopedia of mountain bike training and education with photos, videos, links to bike shops, training methods, maintenance, and health.
Travel With Bicycles (http://www.bikeaccess.net)
How-to info on taking a bike on planes and trains anywhere on the globe.
Trek Bikes (http://www.trekbikes.com)
Apart from bike and product descriptions, this website from the world renown biking company has news, events, pro-team updates, blogs, articles, and training methods.


Intrepid Challenges (http://www.intrepidchallenges.com)
Great information on how to prepare for a bike tour in Asia.


Mountain Bike Australia (http://www.mtba.asn.au)
The website of Australia’s mountain biking governing body has forums, news, club information, trails, and events calendars.


CTC (http://www.ctc.org.uk)
The UK’s national cycling organization. Useful website has a getting started section, gear advice, message board, photos, and maps.

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