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Training/Practice Exercises

There are thousands of secrets, tips, and activities you can do to improve your golf game. Every pro or golf enthusiast you speak with will have different advice. One of the most common is the driving range. Driving ranges are places where a golfer can go to hit the ball as far as they want again and again. This is where you practice your drive; your first shot that is essentially your longest on every hole. Most will bring their woods, or there long range clubs that are not necessarily made out of wood anymore, and hit a bucket of balls while improving their swing.

Golf lessons are fairly standard for beginners. Everyone from children to retired grandmothers take golf lessons. Almost every course has a local pro that can help you learn the basics of the game, improve your swing so you are not embarrassing yourself on the course, and get you to enjoy the game even more.

Another option that may seem laughable, but Putt-putt or mini-golf courses actually do help improve your putting game. The putt is one of the most difficult parts of the game. While driving needs to be accurate, putting needs to be precise. Every bit of practice you can, no matter how it is done, is a good thing. Perhaps even more laughable practice for golfers is video games, but many swear by it. While playing golf with a joystick won’t improve your swing, video golf can teach you to choose the right clubs, play into the wind, and putt on an incline.

Gear Requirements/Packing lists

For anyone traveling to play golf, you will almost definitely not be renting any gear. You will almost always be bringing your own clubs and equipment. Your golf bag is key to traveling with your equipment. This is where everything must fit that isn’t going in your suitcase such as clubs, balls, towels, tees, straps, and anything else you might keep in your bag.

Your choice of clubs to bring is an important one and depends on where you will be playing. Although most do anyway, it is not necessary to bring a set with every iron and wood. You can get by just using a few from each group. Two to three drivers or woods are sufficient and about half of the irons. You will always need a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, as well as a putter. The brand of clubs you use, and there are many, is your own personal choice.

You won’t need to bring balls, as they are relatively cheap and can be bought at any pro shop. Many will bring them anyway though, particularly if they like or play with a certain brand. The same goes for tees. Light airy clothing is a good idea when golfing in the desert or tropical destination.

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