Expedition cruises around Europe’s beautiful coastlines is a great way of seeing the great sea-cliffs, nesting seabirds, ancient historical sites, towns and gardens this part of the world offers.

  1. Spitsbergen Island, Norway

    Lying far within the Artic Circle this island teams with bird life, walrus, polar bears, reindeer, seabirds and geese. Learn about the rich history and historical significance of the region’s scientific research, hunting and fishing and experience the beauty of the icebergs, fjords, glaciers, mountains and hot springs.

  2. Scotland

    The green fertile islands of Orkney, Shetland and the Hebrides are ideal places to truly get away from it all. These remote islands are so sparsely populated the bird life often out numbers the locals.

  3. Fjords of East Greenland

    Visit Inuit settlements and learn about the early explorers while taking in dramatic landscapes of fjords, calving icebergs and endless tundra. Few are privileged to reach the Polar Regions of East Greenland; the home of musk oxen, arctic fox, arctic hare, wolves, caribou, lemmings, polar bear and even the rare narwhal.

  4. Azores, Portugal

    This mid-Atlantic archipelago will take you back in time where farmers still take their milk carts to the fields. Local history is gleaned through visits to windmills, cliff side vineyards, boats and charming communities. Whales and dolphins visit the surrounding waters and migratory and indigenous birds can be seen.

  5. Norwegian Fjords

    Visit the dramatic fjords and mountain peaks on the coast of Norway, passing seabird nesting groups and passing the most northern point of Europe. Look out for walruses, whales, seals and polar bears.

  6. Mediterranean

    Cruising from Lisbon, Portugal all the way to Venice, Italy, the Mediterranean is unrivaled for its scenic ports, rich history and cultural diversity. Expedition cruisers can get you to the small, uncrowded islands, fishing villages and yachting harbors off major cruise ship routes to uncover undiscovered treasures.

  7. The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    This coastline boasts hundreds of small islets, a balmy Mediterranean climate, transparent waters, enchanting towns and villages. It is the perfect destination to explore by boat and on foot while hearing from local experts about natural and political history, art and cultural heritage.

  8. Turkey

    A great journey for all the family on a historic tour of the eastern coast from the historical WWI site of Gallipoli, past the ancient sites of Troy and Ephesus with plenty of opportunities to visit sleepy fishing villages, snorkel, hike ashore or swim.

  9. Franz Josef Land, Russia

    These islands are just over 497 miles from the North Pole. Land to explore the wildlife, learn about the brief human occupations and marvel at the scenery in the stunning northern light. Time your journey for the mid summer eclipse.

  10. Black Sea, Turkey

    The magnificent Black Sea coast is rimmed with ancient cities. With an expert historian onboard, journey along the northern coast of Turkey with its Ottoman mosques, Byzantine churches and soaring citadels.