Expedition cruises to Asia include cultural wonders, geographic marvels and unparalleled architecture. Follow in the wake of ancient traders and visit pristine island environments along the coasts of Japan, China, Vietnam, Russia or Indonesia.

  1. Kamchatka, Siberia, Russia

    This remote peninsula of Siberian Russia has 29 active volcanic craters along its shores and hosts a diverse number of flora, fauna and bird species such as brown bear, sea eagles and salmon. Some of the native cultures that exist here as nomadic fishing and reindeer herding communities, have never met westerners.

  2. Indonesia

    Diving and cruising in Indonesia go hand in hand particularly in an archipelago of 17,000 islands. But besides the wonders of the under water life you can also learn and understand about a variety of ancient cultures, animals and bird life like the famed Komodo dragon; trek the numerous volcanoes and jungles and meet remote village people.

  3. Yangtze, China

    Pass through the Three Gorges region and through thousands of years of history and timeless natural beauty. Enjoy shore excursions in the company of knowledgeable experts in the river’s history and ecology.

  4. Mekong, Vietnam - Cambodia

    From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Angkor, Cambodia this river connects two fabulous cultures and ways of life. Enjoy excursions ashore to the heritage monuments in Phnom Penh and the temples of Angkor Wat.

  5. Inland Sea, Japan

    The Inland Sea is dotted with more than 3000 other islands and considered one of Japan’s scenic gems. Over 500 species of marine life live here and there are famous periodic red tides, caused by a certain type of phytoplankton. The shores of the Inland Sea are heavily populated and part of an important industrial area.

  6. Chukchi Peninsula, Russia

    Explore the arctic Chukchi Peninsula and thousands of miles of spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and unique indigenous cultures that have lived for centuries in harmony with their environment and continue a subsistence lifestyle.

  7. Upper Irrawaddy, Myanmar

    The Irrawaddy valley has changed little in hundreds of years. People are still friendly and hospitable and the winding river is still an important means of travel. For the expedition traveler it’s a perfect way of studying local life and culture. Visit the main historic places and remoter towns and villages that help form part of the rich river economy.

  8. Japan

    The island nation of Japan is ideal for sea journeys and incredibly unique. History, culture and natural beauty form these journeys as you participate in ancient tea ceremonies, tour castle towns and residences once occupied by samurai and meet local silk makers, garden manicurists and artisans.

  9. Jeju Island, South Korea

    This volcanic island 50 miles off the south coast of South Korea is famous for its long caves, strange stone sculptures, volcanic rock, high peaks, beautiful waterfalls and natural wonders. Hike, dive or fish or learn about the matriarchal family structures in the island communities.

  10. Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Mist shrouded mountains form the backdrop for hundreds of rocky islets scattered across these deep-blue waters. Dabble in kayaking, swimming or hike ashore.