If you want a glimpse of a pride of lions at dusk, to explore the underwater coral gardens off a tropical island or to behold ancient archaeological wonders there are a number of suitable and exciting expedition cruises in Africa. From Egypt to the Seychelles there are colorful lifestyles and ports to discover and glorious scenery to take in.

  1. Quirimbas Archipelago National Park, Mozambique

    These tropical islands are some of the most beautiful but least explored parts of Northern Mozambique. A captivating chain of 32 coral islands provides excellent snorkeling, fishing and diving while providing a habitat for an abundance of marine life. There is also a lot of cultural and historical value with magnificent old fortresses and legends of slaves, pirates and ivory.

  2. Seychelles

    Take guided walks, visit famous bird sanctuaries or giant tortoise breeding colonies, explore secluded beaches or fantastic rock formations. The Seychelles archipelago offers limitless expeditions on land, under the clear seas or by boat.

  3. Lake Malawi, Malawi

    Lake Malawi is Africa’s third largest lake and has no contenders as its most beautiful. Certain parts of the lake are accessible only by boat and are rarely visited. Take advantage of scuba gear, snorkeling, fishing equipment, nature trails and bird watching.

  4. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

    This group of five islands that are idyllic and unspoiled with coral pink beaches, world-class deep-sea fishing, salt-water fly-fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. The islands remain undeveloped without roads and shops.

  5. Okavango Delta, Botswana

    This game-rich, inland delta is a maze of lagoons, lakes and hidden channels. It’s perfect for bird watchers, sporting fishermen and explorers of hidden places. On the mainland and among the islands lions, elephants, hyenas, wild dog, buffalo, hippo and crocodiles congregate with antelope, warthog, mongoose, spotted genets, monkeys, bush babies and tree squirrels.

  6. Comoro Islands and Madagascar

    Head out into the Indian Ocean to the Comoro Island archipelago and Madagascar. Take Zodiacs ashore to look for lemurs, do bird watching and learn about local cultures.

  7. Jordan

    Enjoy shore excursions while exploring some of the most picturesque and historic locations along the Suez Canal, Red Sea and the ancient biblical world of Jordan. An expert guide onboard will help fill in the details as you go.

  8. Saloum River, Senegal

    Accompany a naturalist through this rich delta of bird life, ancient river villages and canals.

  9. Gambia River, Gambia

    Highlights on this river include the tropical reserve for baboons, monkeys and a wealth of bird life. Enjoy the knowledge and insights of naturalists and experts on the ecology of West Africa.

  10. Nile River, Egypt

    Enjoy the exquisite scenery, folkloric performances and the wonders of centuries past along the Nile with an expert Egyptologist.