The world is filled with beautiful places to photograph. If you’re looking for the most photogenic cities in the world - the ones where taking a bad photo is virtually impossible - you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with a list of the 10 most photogenic cities in the world, making it easy for you to zero in on the top places for photographers to practice their skills. As you will see, the world’s most photogenic cities come in many different sizes, and are found around the world.

Read on below to find out which cities made the list - and why.

Photo Credit: Emre Ergin


Red Square alone is reason enough to visit the city of Moscow. Bold colors and intriguing architecture abound in this fascinating city, making it easy to take incredible photos. The Kremlin and St. Basil Cathedral are two obvious places to focus your attentions while in the city; Gorky Park is another exceptional option.

Photo Credit: Lina Hughes


No matter which way you look at it, Sydney Harbour is absolutely stunning. The impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge creates a natural focal point for amateur and professional photographers alike. The famous Sydney Opera House, of course, creates a majestic backdrop to absolutely any photo. Whether it’s a clear, sunny afternoon - or well past midnight - you can’t take a bad photo in Sydney.

Photo Credit: Fougerouse Arnaud


The city of Venice is oozing with romance. Its many canals create plenty of opportunities for capturing incredible reflections, which makes for phenomenal photos. The well-preserved buildings are another key feature of this exquisite city. Be sure to travel by gondola and snap shots along the way - the Grand Canal is a superb place to snap shots - and don’t miss St. Mark’s Square.

Photo Credit: Christopher Chan

San Francisco

When most people think of San Francisco, the stunning Golden Gate Bridge springs instantly to mind. Indeed, the bridge is an integral part of the cityscape, and its presence assures that you will snap one incredible picture after another while visiting. Photo opportunities also abound in the Haight-Ashbury district.

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn


If you take New York City’s Time Square - and multiply it by 1,000 - you get Tokyo. The huge number of brightly-lit signs - and the abundance of towering skyscrapers - makes Tokyo a perfect place to take pictures. Visit one of the city’s observatories to snap panoramic shots, and be sure to take some pictures at night from a distance, too.

Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan


With its prime location on stunning Lake Michigan, Chicago - otherwise known as the Windy City - presents plenty of great options for photographers. The John Hancock Building and the Sears Tower both help give the cityscape a dramatic, unforgettable look. Take a ferry out onto Lake Michigan in order to get some long-distance shots of the city.

Photo Credit: Nige Brown


Cambridge, England is a bit different from the other cities on our list, primarily because it’s quite a lot smaller. However, majestic photo opportunities abound at every turn in this old college town. The abundance of courtyards, parks and commons - along with plenty of ivy-covered walls - makes this pristine town the perfect place for any photographer.

Photo Credit: Jiuguang Wang


Florence is one of the most well-preserved major cities in the world. The uniform nature of the buildings that make it up lends it well to picture taking. Whether it’s from the top of the Duomo - or down in one of the many plazas that dot the city - you are sure to be impressed by how beautiful and photogenic this incredibly old city actually is.

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn


No list of the world’s most photogenic cities would be complete without the City of Light. With the Eiffel Tower and other impressive landmarks, Paris is a natural place to take incredible photos. Be sure to hit spots along the Seine in the late afternoon to snap pics that have an otherworldly glow - and plenty of reflections.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

New York

The Big Apple is bursting at its seams with fantastic picture-taking opportunities. From the iconic State of Liberty to the venerable Empire State Building, New York City is a photographer’s dream come true. You can top it all off with a visit to Times Square at night - the dazzle of the lights is sure to be the perfect backdrop for your photos.

As you can see, certain cities simply lend themselves well to topnotch photo taking. Of course, you can find beauty just about anywhere you go - these cities simply make it easy. If you’d like to stretch your creative wings and snap pics of some of the most incredible places in the world, be sure to refer to this list. Whether you manage to visit them all - or just a couple of them - you’re sure to be glad that you brought your camera along for the ride!