Oh the places you’ll go when you travel this world. You might be keen to visit some of the hottest tourists destinations this year, but what about adding a bit of a twist? If you love beautifully bizarre places, all of these spots look like they either jumped straight off the pages of a Dr. Seuss novel or inspired the novelist. Take a look for yourself. Did you have any idea planet Earth could look so out of this world?

Photo Credit: Rod Waddington

Socotra Trees - Yemen

Surely you’ve seen these bizarre trees before, right? While they don’t have the fluffiness you might see in a Dr. Seuss novel, they surely are just as weird. Umbrella shaped, with thick branches and leaves only on top, this is what we imagine alien territory to look like, or should I say Whoville?

Photo Credit: G.S. Matthews

Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

The Bolivian Salt Flats are one of the most remarkable places on Earth. Perfectly formed salt deposits that look like they were sent straight from the heavens, the legendary prehistoric lake may have predated man, but we think it's pretty surreal.

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

Cappadocia - Turkey

With volcanic rock peaks scattered over a rough terrain, people actually live in these bizarre spires and underneath them in caves. Best seen from hot air balloon, the vibrant colors light up the sky just like the pages of one of Dr.Seuss's colorful novels.

Photo Credit: Drew Brayshaw

Painted Hills of Oregon - USA

Painted Hills looks like someone artfully painted layers of hues on rock, or even like one of those vials of sand art you had as a child. Actually formed by minerals solidifying and compacting over the years, the terrain is both magical and otherworldly.

Photo Credit: n4rwhals

Arches National Park in Utah - USA

Over 2,000 sandstone arches wind and wander their way across the national park, a dizzying sight to behold. Breathtaking natural rock formations, it's not hard to picture Thing 1 or Thing 2 making their way across the archways.

Anything Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona - Spain

Pretty much anything Antonio Gaudi screams Dr. Suess. He rarely used a straight line, the colors are vibrant, and the bizarreness is certainly on par. Casa Batllo is just one example with it’s lopsided staircases, while Guell Parc is essentially a modern day playground that could only be dreamt up by a creative, fantastical mind.