Going out to clubs and bars on the weekend is a usual occurrence and a much needed break for those looking to shake off the stress of a busy work week. We make it a point to get together with friends for witty banter while tossing back a few cocktails. However, the average club or bar often becomes dull after a few visits and after awhile, they all start blending together.

For those looking to spice up their routine or give their weekend a makeover, the world is full of bars that are sure to keep you thoroughly entertained, boozed up, creeped out, terrified, and laughing all night. These seven ridiculous themed bars are sure to please any weekend warrior looking for a good time and something to guzzle....

Das Klo Bar - Berlin, Germany

This toilet themed bar also has a dash of adventure park and a tad torture chamber all mixed in. Your seats are toilet bowls, the tables give electric shocks, urging you to pick up your drink and not put it down, and there are “boulders” to dodge that fall periodically from above. Super bizarre, I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that the owner came up with the idea as his was doing his “business” on the john.

HandleBar - Austin, TX

In a city as cool and hip as Austin, you better believe there are plenty of dudes rocking sweet 'staches. Those with luscious handlebars are certainly welcome at this establishment, but if you’re not part of the population able to acquire facial hair, photo booth props are there to help you out. Even their drinks are named after popular ‘stached folks so get ready to get weird.

"The Lab" by Zagat Buzz via Flickr Creative Commons

The Lab Gastropub - Los Angeles, CA

Science nerds -- this one's for you. Grab a brew from this lab-themed bar in the university area of LA. A college hangout for smart co-eds, you can enjoy house-made beer, food, and even a “classroom,” where you'll find plenty of “mad scientists and their assistants” (faculty and students) hanging on their study break.

Photo Credit: Sakchai Lalit/AP / Gizmodo

The Ichub Club - Bangkok, Thailand

If you’re a bit insecure about your weight, this fat-themed karaoke bar celebrates the belly roll and flab in all it's glory. Think you're a heavyweight? If you and three friends collectively weigh at least 360 kilos (almost 800 pounds!), you'll be gifted with a free bottle of whiskey. Start packing on the pounds so you can sing your heart out while downing your free booze!

Photo Credit: David Serra via Flickr

Giger Bar - Gruyere, Switzerland

I’m not sure what castles and vertebrates have in common, but this bar looks spookily spectacular. Seats and tables are held up in place by vertebrates, and even the ceilings are supported by bony arches. The artist that created this haunting atmosphere is the same person who designed the sets of the Poltergeist and Alien, so be prepared to be thoroughly creeped out as you roam the skeleton castle of your nightmares.

Photo Credit: Oddity Central

Disaster Cafe - Lloret de Mar, Spain

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to witness a natural disaster, here’s your chance to experience it in a controlled setting. Sure to give you a jolt, as you’re enjoying your meal, an unexpected 7.8 magnitude earthquake will strike without warning. While there are heavier dishes used to ensure your plate doesn’t go flying and you remain unscathed, perhaps eat dinner quickly just in case.

Alcatraz ER - Tokyo, Japan

Spooky, sexy, and grotesque isn’t typically how you would describe a bar, unless you're talking about the Alcatraz ER, of course. As you sit locked in a cell, you will be served fake limbs and cocktails in test tubes by bloody waitresses guarding against surprise prison breaks.