As technology advances and we’re able to travel to even further to more remote corners of the globe, the world seems to be getting smaller. As we navigate the digital era and millennials start coming into their own, a lot has changed in a seemingly short period of time. From heartfelt moments to newsworthy federal updates, we spent a lot of time rolling our eyes and saying, “oh wow,” in 2015. Here’s what you might have missed this year in travel.

Photo Credit: Jamie Ather via Instagram

File This in the “How Is This News?” Section: Man Drunkenly Books Holiday to Brazil and Has a Great Time

You’d think buying plane tickets inebriated would be a rather common occurrence these days, but for some reason, Jamie Ather’s blackout moment of spontaneity became big news with the story retweeted and shared thousands of times. Perhaps it inspired other lightweights to seize the day, or just for others to live vicariously though the 22-year old’s Instagram. Whatever the reason, we’re tipping one back to you, Jamie.

Photo Credit: FlatPolyPibble on Instagram

WTF Stories: How a Dying Dog is Finally Able to 'Travel the World'

If you needed further proof that we all have bucket lists, Flat Poly is an adorable blind pit bull diagnosed with a life-ending heart condition. In an effort to show her as much of the world as possible before she kicks the bucket, people are encouraged to print out a picture of “Flat Poly” and take her with you on your next trip.

Photo Credit: J Arron Farr

The Need to Know: New U.S. Passport Requirements

If you’re like us and consider your passport stamps to be a badge of honor, be warned that if your book is filling up, you may need to get a replacement. Starting January 2016, the Department of State will stop letting travelers simply add extra pages to their passports. Instead, you’ll need to order a whole new 28-page book, or request the super-sized 52-pager (for no additional cost).

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Just Another Reason to Move North of the Border: Repay Student Loans with your Travel Points? Feds are Looking Into It.

Oh Canada, as if we needed another reason to love you. Currently available in two provinces -- Alberta and Ontario, students are able to repay part of their student loans with travel reward points. If the move to a federal program is approved, hundreds of thousands more students would be able to reap the benefits.

Photo Credit: Virginia State Parks

Best Marketing Campaign of The Year: REI #OptOutside

In an effort to derail Black Friday, gear collective REI announced they would be closing their doors on the biggest shopping day of the year. Instead, they encouraged everyone to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family in nature rather than at the mall. Millions of people took to the social media sphere to in support of their message.

An Innovation We’d All Appreciate: Making the Middle Seat More Comfortable

The world rejoiced when a Denver engineer designed the side-slip seat. Aimed to give the middle seat more arm room and make boarding more efficient, it’s just in the idea phase right now, but Scott is working with the National Institute for Aviation Research to get the seat certified for use in commercial aircraft soon.

Photo Credit: Tak

We Can’t Wait For: Commercial Flights to Antarctica Might Soon Be Possible

If your bucket list includes a visit to all seven continents, the journey to Antarctica may soon get a little easier. Icelandic airline Loftleidir has been (successfully!) test landing on a glacier, proving that carriers can in fact handle the harsh conditions during restricted for travel most of the year. Accessibility would make it easier and cheaper to reach the dubious White Continent, which currently is limited to private military or cargo jets or cruise ships.