Study abroad is one of the most enjoyable and anticipated experiences of a young adult's college career. The perfect way to supplement or enhance academic studies, learn a new language, and have a life-changing semester, a true cultural immersion compliments a well-rounded education outside the classroom. For travelers, world wanderers or lifelong students Let's Go has named their Top Five Study Abroad Destinations.

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China is an up-and-coming study abroad destination for students interested in international relations, the global economy, and East Asian culture. The American dollar goes a long way, which will make living in Shanghai quite enjoyable. Not to miss are the waterfront promenade, hiking the Great Wall and the terracotta army.

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A place of chaotic mysticism, India is as much a spiritual retreat as a culture immersion. Delhi and Mumbai's impressive palaces and temples are wrought with religious pride and devotion while it’s also home to some of the most incredible architecture and landscapes in the world.

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South Africa

Growing in popularity as a result of playing World Cup host, South Africa is a fascinating culture to many international visitors. Classes are offered in any of the 11 official languages (of which English is one). Johannesburg and Cape Town are popular destinations for their rugged safari appeal with creature comforts.

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A semester spent in Chile allows students to ski in the Andes Mountains, hike the famous Torres Del Paine Trek in Patagonia, and visit some of the best beaches on the Pacific coast in one day. Even if you don't speak Spanish (and let's be real, Chilean Spanish is nothing like the Spanish learned in traditional classrooms), there are many English-speaking job opportunities for students interested in working abroad after graduation.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is a cheaper alternative to the UK or Australia for students looking to study in an English-speaking country. It's also a great place for students seeking outdoor adventure. In their time off students can backpack, sail, and see achingly beautiful landscapes, as well as whale watch, scuba dive, and bungee jump. New Zealand has several top-caliber universities in specialized fields, but students can also pursue broad academic interests like psychology, anthropology, and sociology.