Ever get that nostalgic feeling of long summer days spent in the woods exploring and climbing trees that you just can't seem to shake? If that feeling seems to follow you around the globe while traveling, treehouse hotels may be the right temporary dwelling for you. Exactly as their name implies, treehouse hotels are essentially adult tree houses for travelers, complete with running water, air conditioning, televisions and every other amenity common to luxury hotel rooms. Spanning the globe from Australia, to the United States to China, nearly every continent boasts its own sky-high dwelling, with each guaranteeing a breathtaking view from all angles.

Take a closer look at three of the most highly revered treehouse hotels around the globe, located in the most opulent and outrageous places in the world.

Photo Credit: Angs School

The Ariau Amazon Towers - Manaus, Brazil

Currently holding the title as the largest compound of treehouse rooms in the world, the Ariau Amazon Towers offer treetop living at its finest. Located on the Amazon River and atop the Amazon Rainforest, the treetop hotels are both eco-friendly and family-friendly, with local attractions for visitors to delight in. Visitors at the Ariau Amazon Towers treetop hotel will be able to take a dip in the exquisite Amazon River, swim with pink dolphins, indulge in authentic Brazilian cuisine and watch a breathtaking sunset each day while staying at the world-renowned rainforest inn. Make sure to look out for lemurs, monkeys, and other tree-dwellers that may want to stop in to say hello unannounced!

Cedar Creek Treehouse - Ashford, WA

Located 50 feet above the brush of forests in Washington state is the Cedar Creek Treehouse, a unique treehouse hotel conveniently located in the U.S. Complete with a clear sight of the majestic Mount Rainier, this quaint and authentic cedar cabin with enough room for a family of four. Visitors are able to enjoy the infamous "Stairway to Heaven" that leads to the vast treehouse observatory. A tree grows straight through the room itself, with the massive trunk serving as a main focal point of the sky-high dwelling. Nearby activities include Mount Rainier National Park, several skiing stops, and local creeks perfectly suited for trout fishing and nighttime relaxation after a long day of exploring the lush forests of the Northwest.

Hinchinbrook Island Resort - Hinchinbrook Island, Australia

For those seeking a taste of authentic adventure while venturing down under, the Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge treetop stay is a suitable lodge for any group of eccentric travelers. Home to 15 unique treehouse rooms, the Aussie resort is within proximity of 11 different beaches throughout the island, each with an impeccable and breathtaking view. Each room is distinctively rustic and rightly rugged, with exposed beams and wooden walls and floors. Although rustic, visitors are not without any necessary amenities or adventurous activities! After coming down from your perch, visit the nearby Great Barrier Reef, full of colorful coral and lively sea life, or embark on a hike up the Thorsborne Trail that winds through the Australian outback.

Whatever your destination, if the sky's the limit, a treehouse hotel may be the best bet for a one-of-a-kind lodging experience that you and your fellow travelers are sure to never forget.