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Cultural Exploration

6 Incredible Examples of Organic Architecture Around the World

Architecture is a special form of art, one that requires a lot of thinking, planning, and design. It is also a functional ...

Weird & Wacky

7 Landmarks and Monuments Around the World That Are Shrouded in Controversy

When monuments are erected to honor a person, place, myth, or legend, they don’t always manifest in the most politically c...

Cultural Exploration

Stunning Architecture in Strange Places

Our world holds many wonders, both natural and man-made. When nature’s splendor and human ingenuity collide, the result ca...

Cultural Exploration

Skip the Crowds at Venice: 5 Better Canal Towns to Visit

Venice and its marble palaces, gondolas and picturesque canals have captivated an international audience for centuries, dr...

Vacation Secrets

6 Places to Tour Secret Underground Cities

No matter how lively and charming a city may appear on the surface, there may be secrets concealed beneath their streets. Some underground cities are the result of ancient structures being built over; some were dug out as refuge camps (from war, or the law), while still others were cavities leftover from old mining practices.

Cultural Exploration

Cultural Exploration Vacations

People have flocked to historical sights for as long as tourism has existed. Some of the most visited destinations of the ...