By definition, bridges exist as a means to an end - an avenue for travelers to overcome an obstacle to reach a destination. But they also represent overcoming challenges, and bringing people together. They are the antithesis of walls, encouraging exchange over division.

Because they so often carry precious cargo over water and great heights and have such heavy symbolic meaning, bridges have become the synthesis of art and science. Many are no longer just a mode of conveyance, but a cultural destinations unto themselves. They are where art, architecture, and engineering all meet in a graceful and marvelous combination.

Piano Bridge - China

Stepping stone bridges aren’t uncommon, but the Old Piano Bridge in the Shishue province certainly stands out and makes itself known. The stones sit aligned perfectly, long and adjacent, like a long row of piano keys that stretch across the placid jade-azure water. Despite its ancient appearance, the bridge is actually very sturdy and carries hundreds of tourists and locals across each year without incident. While it is a meditative stroll across the reflective pool surrounded by rural Chinese landscapes, you definitely don't want to forget your camera.

Sky Walk at Mt. Nimbus - Canada

This traverse isn’t for the faint of heart. The bridge, which is really more of a wire extension holding planks in place over a gut-wrenching drop over the side of the mountain, is totally safe, despite the fear you may feel suspended at such a height. Thick cables, harnesses and carabiners keep climbers secured as they make the ascent, and you'll soon understand why people travel from far and wide to experience the terminal adrenaline rush and breathtaking scenery.

Stari-Most - Bosnia and Herzegovina

This old Ottoman bridge connects two parts of the city of Mostar (whose name literally means “Bridge Keeper”) across the river Neretva. One of the most iconic landmarks in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is considered a masterpiece of Balkan-Islamic architecture. Naturally, design lovers and history buffs flock to photograph the bridge, but it is also a popular destination for adrenaline junkies. Every year since 1664, the city has hosted a 65-foot diving competition into the cold green waters below. It's simply unmissable.

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RakotzbrĂĽcke - Germany

RakotzbrĂĽcke in Kromlau, Germany looks like it was plucked straight out of a fairytale. Thanks to the reflective,still waters below, it offers the optical illusion of being a perfect circle, truly a work of art. Rhododendron Park, where the bridge is located, is also a marvel on its own. It is full of lush vegetation, gardens, and natural wonders - creating the perfect background for the Medieval looking bridge.

Henderson Waves - Singapore

As the name implies, this bridge is shaped like a twisting, rolling wave that arches through sky over Henderson Street. It is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore at 195 feet, and connects Mount Faber Park to Blangah Hill. The waves create shade for pedestrians to relax and enjoy the scenic jungle view.

Da Vinci Bridge - Norway

The idea was one of Leonardo's unachieved masterpieces. In 1502, the great artist and inventor drew up the blueprints for a simple yet incredibly strong self-supporting bridge. It was a massive feat of civil engineering project that was sadly never built, yet remained in the notebooks of the genius. That is, until 2001, when a Norwegian artist found the designs and was determined to make them a reality.