There's four-star dining and then there's uniquely memorable culinary experiences. This is the latter. From strange service to crazy locations, monkeys delivering your meal to meals being prepared by robots, one thing's for sure, at these odd spots, you will definitely not run out of things to talk about. Just be sure to pass the vino because you may need a drink for these meals!

Meals Cooked by Robots - Japan

It's no surprise that the majority of odd eateries are found in Asia. FA-men is a ramen restaurant in Nagoya, Japan in which two robots, a chef and a sous chef prepare you soup and chit chat while cooking. Think that's strange? Watch the video.

Meals Prepared by Dwarves - Philippines

Called the Hobbit House (not sure if that's PC), Peace Corps volunteer and college professor Jim Turner was so inspired by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books that he founded a bar entirely staffed by "little people." Inside its candle lit interiors, one can recognize the paintings of scenes from the trilogy as well as posters of local folk legend, Freddie Aguilar.

A Table Suspended in the Sky - Worldwide

If you ever wanted to defy gravity, now's your chance. Host the most unusual dinner party possibly ever by inviting 22 of your closest friends to be suspended in the air 50 meters high. Stationed on a moveable platform, this table can essentially be located anywhere in the world you have access to giving you plenty of options for crazy backdrops. Just don't look down.

Meals are Cooked Using Volcanic Heat - Spain

A major attraction on Lanzarote, the easternmost part of the Canary Islands, Parque Nacional de Timanfaya and Montañas del Fuego (Fire Mountains), is marked by a sign depicting the devil. As part of your tour, stop at El Diablo Restaurant to enjoy the barbecue cooked using geothermal heat and a cast iron grill placed over a hole in the ground - an idea crafted by famous Spanish chef César Manrique. Staff members give impressive demonstrations, which show the intense heat of the earth just below the surface -- but be sure to watch out for rogue flames.

Communicate with other Patrons via Telephones - France

France is known as the city of love and a little café in Montpellier is trying to ignite the sparks a little faster. At Restophone, each table is outfitted with a telephone to communicate with other tables, just in case you want to spark up a conversation or ask someone to dance (because it's also a nightclub and that wouldn't be weird). It's a great spot for groups, but even better for singles. Maybe you want to talk about weird dining experiences as an ice breaker?

BBQ chickens are set on fire, catapulted through the air, and caught by a waiter riding unicycle - Thailand

This is one of those "only in Bangkok" dining experiences that defies explanation. Ka-tron was established in 1986 originally across the Department of Meteorology, with the name literally meaning "rebound." And just in case flying food is not enough entertainment, there's karaoke too.