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No matter where you travel, a hotel can make or break your trip. My wife and I recently took a trip to the heart of Napa Valley and stayed at the wonderful Hotel Yountville. Nestled in the heart of California’s amazing countryside, we experienced the best of wine country. From the vineyards and restaurants to the shopping and hotel scene, Yountville is riddled with unforgettable moments centered on community, local wine and farm-to-table food experiences that — truly — made our trip one for the bucket list.

Photo courtesy Hotel Yountville

Our Space

Hotel Yountville, nestled where all the action happens, is an upscale boutique hotel. With guest rooms laid out throughout the hotel grounds, our king room was quiet, spacious and elegant in many ways. The free-standing tub, balcony overlooking the pool area and complimentary cheese and wine is how every hotel experience should start. Designed to provide to ensure guests can enjoy all activities at a five-star level, the guest rooms remain close enough to the heart of the action without sacrificing privacy. Tranquility is paramount and well appreciated here.

Photo via Hotel Yountville's Facebook Page

The Staff

The incredible staff at Hotel Yountville provided impeccable service ‘round the clock. They were extremely helpful when it came to planning our days in Yountville. They provided great resources for their winery partnerships and recommended particular places where we can get the best bang for our buck, including helping us make some last minute winery visits. For those times that we wanted to get our sweat on, their complimentary bicycles were available to explore Yountville — and safely get from winery to winery.

Photo via Hotel Yountville's Facebook Page

Out on the Town

One of the greatest benefits of Hotel Yountville was its proximity to town. While Yountville isn’t exactly a large city, the hotel property sits right next door to some of the best dining spots, including the the luxurious French Laundry. Although we didn’t have the opportunity to visit this restaurant, we were able to tour The French Laundry garden. What a remarkable experience! We would also recommend Ad Hoc next door and the Le Bouchon Bakery for the most delicate pastries.

Photo via Hotel Yountville's Facebook Page

The Wine Country

Hotel Yountville provides an amazing list of wineries you can visit. My wife and I fancied Domaine Chandon, founded in 1973. We did not need an appointment and the ambience had us feeling like we were back in Europe. Jessup, another winery in Yountville, was also fantastic. They do require an appointment, but it is worth the planning. Some other honorable mentions are Cliff Lede, Hill Family, hope & grace, Priest Ranch and V-Wine Cellar. If you want to visit wineries outside of Yountville, Hotel Yountville has partnerships with wineries in Rutherford, St. Helena, Napa, Sonoma and Calistoga too.

Make It Happen

Hotel Yountville has a perfect location, and their elegance competes with some of the world's leading luxury hotels. My wife and I are extremely grateful for our stay at this unbelievable hotel. One moment we were regular people, then we checked into the hotel and instantly became royalty. Without a doubt, we will return to take advantage of more that the hotel has to offer — we barely scratched the surface.