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With all that there is to experience in the 900 acres of green space known as Sandy Springs, you’ve got enough on your plate (pun intended). But, as anyone can tell you, no good adventure started off on an empty stomach. Luckily, Sandy Springs isn't the sort of place to leave you hanging. With a food and baked goods scene that offers a variety of delicious choices, it can be hard to decide just where to go. We’ve rounded up the best spots to sink your teeth into — and, rest assured, they’re places the locals approve of, too. From legendary deli shops to artisan creameries, Oriental tea shops to French cafes, Sandy Springs is sure to delight all the senses.


This cookie shop has perfected the gingersnap recipe. Baked fresh daily, the cookies are thoughtfully prepared and baked, made of the perfect blend of spices and topped with sugar crystals. What’s even more special about this place is the story behind it. Owned by mom-daughter duo, Laura created these cookies for both her husband and her daughter, Susan, who were each fighting cancer. Since ginger is a stomach soother, the cookies were more than just a sweet treat, the magical recipe also helped to soothe Susan during her chemotherapy treatments. It’s easy to see that Laura’s gingersnaps do more than just satisfy that sweet tooth — they simply soothe the soul.

Calyroad Creamery

Forget everything you know about cheese (yes, even the expensive stuff at the store). As one of Georgia’s first micro-creameries for artisanal cheese made with fresh local milk each week, you’d best believe you’re getting the good stuff at Calyroad Creamery. Here, you can enjoy cheese tastings and wine pairings or even try your hand at creating your own cheese. As the owners like to say, “Once you learn about the magic of milk, you will never look at cheese the same way!”

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Café Vendome

From the pastries to the atmosphere, enjoy a little piece of Paris just outside Atlanta. As an authentic artisanal French pastry cafe, homemade macaroons, pastries, crepes, and gourmet breads are carefully prepared each day. A stop at Cafe Vendome for an eclair and a cup of coffee make a welcome addition to any itinerary.

Teamo Tea Cafe

Serving bubble tea (made of cream, fruit, and milk tea), exotic drinks, coffees, herbal teas and desserts, this cafe makes for the perfect pick-me-up. Taking a spin on the classics and not afraid to break a few rules along the way, Teamo Tea Cafe has a tantalizing menu with drinks like kiwi frappuccinos, ginger lattes, hot honey grapefruit, red dragon fruit juices, even an herbal tea dubbed the “Relaxation Tonic.” If it sounds like heaven, that’s because it is. But, if you ask them, it’s just their special way of saying, "Te amo," or “I love you” in Spanish.

Buttermilk Sky Pie

Ask any Southerner around, and they'll tell you there's nothing quite like Mama's buttermilk pie, but if mom's not around to make it, there's only one place to go: Buttermilk Sky Pie is it. Incredibly rich and creamy, recipes for classic buttermilk pie and its signature flakey crust have been passed down — and carefully guarded — from one generation to the next. Buttermilk Sky Pie bakery is just as passionate about its roots and recipes. From Granny’s Apple to Chocolate Meringue, Peanut Butter Creme to the famous classic buttermilk, your biggest challenge of your trip just might be deciding which one(s) to go home with.

Sally’s Gluten Free Bakery

Named as one of the best gluten-free bakeries in America, rest assured you won’t have to worry about sacrificing taste for the benefit of “gluten free.” This scratch-baked goods shop offers take-and-bake pizzas, cakes, pies, desserts, breads, and more. With dairy, egg, and soy free options as well, anyone can splurge to their heart’s content. Don't worry, we’ll keep this little “cheat day” option a secret between us.

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Henri’s Bakery & Cafe

A bakery, deli, and cafe all under one roof, Henri’s has been an Atlanta legend since 1929 and a must-try if you’re looking for local favorites. Here, you’ll find a large assortment of traditional and French pastries, as well as deli sandwiches. A quick tip: You can skip the line, order 48 hours in advance, and still walk out with something fresh and flavorful, as Henri’s makes all its delicious eats fresh and handmade.


This tea and treats shop first started in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992, and since then has opened up shop in 18 different countries — and it’s obvious why. Their black teas are made of high quality tea leaves sourced directly from Taiwan, ensuring you get the same great taste as if you're right there sipping one in their flagship store. Make sure you give their classic Pearl Black Milk Tea a try.

SubZero Ice Cream

Watching ice cream being made is anything but boring at SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream. Using nitrogen to quickly make rich and creamy flavors, SubZero isn't your Grandma's ice cream parlor. Because its made with nitrogen, the ice cream holds a dense flavor, has fewer ice crystals, and can be made fresh instantly on the spot. Since SubZero is anything but traditional, they offer specialty treats in a variety of flavors and toppings (we’ve got our eye on the Key Lime Voltage).

Dog City Bakery II

Dogs have to indulge a little too, right? Dog City Bakery is every dog's dream: A bakery shop that hand makes cakes and doggy treats. The best part is that these treats are made all-natural with the health of the pup in mind — something both doggy mom (or dad) and her furry friend can enjoy.