Did you know there are two main species of elephants - Asian and African? Did you know they eat 10% of their own weight every day? What about the four steps to checking an elephant’s health-to look for sleep in their eyes, dirt on their side, tails/ears flapping and poop quantity and quality? These are just a few of the things you’ll learn at Patara Elephant Farm, an elephant sanctuary which teaches proper care and ownership of these magnificent creatures.

Voted the #1 Chiang Mai attraction on Trip Advisor, Patara is a full day of fun and the group is limited to 8-10 people to maximize your personal attention. Included is free transportation, lunch and your elephant partner. This is a once in a lifetime excursion and sure to be one of the most memorable days in your life. Suitable for all ages, disciplines and ability levels, they go to all lengths to stress that anyone is welcome and can participate. Our only disclaimer - you may never want to leave. Or at least try to bring your elephant home with you.

You will be paired up with one of their 31 elephants to take care of for the day, learning how to feed, bath and ride one of the beauties as it becomes your love and responsibility. See mamas with their babies, pregnant adults and everything in between in their natural habitat. This is no standard ride at the petting zoo; you will be full on in the river with them, helping them brush the dirt off their back and learning to trust one other. Patara Farm is focused on the breeding and healthcare of the elephant species to conserve and increase the population of healthy elephants on earth. All of their elephants were acquired by rescuing them from the circus and other unsafe working conditions to nurse them back to health and provide them an ethical home.