Photo Credit: Justine Espinueva

When deciding what to do in Singapore, travelers should consider Haji Lane, a street tucked away in the nation’s Kampong Glam district. The rows of narrow shops in the crowd-free area create a shopper’s paradise, selling fashion-forward items such as shoes, clothing, accessories and handbags. Located in the heart of the Muslim quarter, Haji Lane is an excellent reminder that travelers do not need to venture to Europe to find unique fashion.

One of the most interesting stores on the street is Pluck. This small shop sells vintage-inspired clothing, including dresses, skirts and shirts, as well as handbags and jewelry. Pluck also has trendy home furnishings, such as pillows, furniture and wall decals that draw influence from the 1970s. Still, Pluck is more than just a shopper’s haven. Half of the Singapore shop is also an ice cream parlor, where guests can relax after hours of perusing the street. Rather than shopping ’til they drop, travelers can escape to this adorable nook and indulge in its homemade ice cream flavors, which include honey nut, passion fruit sorbet, sea salt caramel, strawberry champagne sorbet and strawberry cheesecake.

Just a few doors down from Pluck is another small store called Salad Shop. While it sells clothing and home furnishings like Pluck, this store has a more modern feel, with many of its items coming in either black or white. Calling their style simple and crisp, the shop’s designers believe that monochrome items have the potential of really popping when paired with a wardrobe or a home that features other colors.

Music lovers should not leave Haji Lane without checking out Straits Records. While this store offers a wide selection of music, it specializes in the not-so-mainstream, as each and every record must be approved by the owners before it is sold here. Guests will find plenty of hip-hop, reggae and alternative options, along with CDs by bands in the area. However, they should not expect to find many offerings in the modern pop genre.

Individuals who decide to come to this set of shops should keep in mind that most items are priced as they would be in the U.S. While some travelers may think that stores in Singapore mean cheaper goods, most of the shops in this area do not meet this criteria. People who venture to Haji Lane may also want to bring a camera, as even the exteriors of the shops can create modern, fashion-forward photos.