In most cities, PDA would be frowned upon, but in Paris, it's rather encouraged. If you're heading to the City of Love, fear not, as the French are quite used to this sort of behavior. If you're looking to lock lips in Paris with all the feels, check out these spots to swoon over a movie-worthy smooch.

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On a Terrace

Paris is packed with terraces where you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the world go by. Whether you’re in Montmartre’s back alleys or on busy St Germain, it’s the perfect place to take in the atmosphere and get amorous over an apero. And, not to worry, no one will bat an eyelid.

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On the Big Wheel

Operating from November through February, if you’re in town in winter, the Wheel is one of the finest place to cuddle up and look out over the city. What’s more, the staff are very understanding about couples wanting their own private pods, so no sharing means total privacy to get frisky.

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On That Bridge

The obvious choice your "picture perfect" Parisian experience is the Pont Neuf or "Locks of Love" bridge. While its locks were recently removed, some rebel locks remain - and it still offers fabulous views overlooking the river. Actually most of the 37 bridges offer this in spades, though only four are pedestrian, so pick wisely – snogging is best done without foot traffic.

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In Le Parc

Commander a bench or roll out a blanket on one of Parc Monceau's pristinely manicured lawns, the perfect spot to improvise a picnic and petting session. Parc Bagatelle is another enticing option, founded by Marie Antoinette at the end of the 18th century, a fragrant and intoxicating escape thanks to its 10,000 rose bushes.

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In the Backseat

You can tour Paris in all sorts of ways, from a tuk tuk to a bus or boat, but the ultimate has to be in a vintage Citroen Traction. A little Fitzgerald and a little Bonnie and Clyde, you’re bound to feel the love in this beautiful set of wheels. The Paris By Night tour takes in all the sights, so in this case, it’s best for those who prefer their eyes open.

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At "L'Hotel"

One of Paris’ best-kept secrets, this gem of a hotel is as sexy as it is sophisticated. A discreet hideaway in St Germain, the chic spot is best known as the place where Oscar Wilde left this world, but has also been a hangout for the likes of Johnny Depp. Book the dreamy Oscar Wilde room and take in the peacock themed walls for the best in romance.

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On the Banks

You can’t fail to be impressed by the romance of the river Seine. Stroll along its banks, in the pedestrian "berges" (between the Musee D’Orsay and the Pont de l’Alma) for great views, and a little peace and quiet that can easily become your own little slice of paradise.

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At L'Oiseau Blanc

With one of the finest views overlooking the city, this restaurant at the super chic Peninsula hotel is the ideal setting for a romantic night out. The chic aviation inspired décor and gourmet cuisine are a plus, but the best part is the outdoor rooftop, which is perfect for sneaking a cocktail and a kiss.

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Over Oysters

Parisian pavements are packed with bistros and brasseries showing off their wares - mostly oysters and shellfish gleaming on ice (in season from September to December). Whether you choose a traditional Belle Epoque Alsatian style brasserie like the beautiful Bofinger or the famous Flo’s, smooching over oysters is a must in the French capital.

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In a Jardin

The Tuileries stretches all the way from Place de la Concorde to the Louvre, and the Jardins du Luxembourg on the Left bank. Unlike the parks, these green spaces aren’t all about the lawns, but rather the breathtaking flowerbeds. While the benches are rather uncomfortable, they're more or less a traffic free zone, perfect for a quick tender embrace in the City of Love.