When envisioning Norway most people think of the enchanting majesty of the fjords. You may think of the seafaring Vikings, who departed the shores of Norway centuries ago to conquer distant lands, or perhaps the blissful snowy winter wilderness of the Arctic Circle. Maybe what springs to mind is the name of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, who left a legacy of the Nobel peace-prize that has left the small country’s stamp on the world forever. Norway is all these things, and a visit here will leave visitors with natural phenomena and wildlife found nowhere else on Earth.

The fjords are easily country’s biggest attraction, and millions come to marvel at the majestic deep water inlets towered over by soaring cliffs. There are over 3,000 fjords in Norway, and most people choose to experience the main ones by boat cruise. There are plenty of other outdoor pursuits to take advantage of though, like hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, and camping. Norway is a country that can be enjoyed equally both in the summer and cold winter months.

Norway boasts excellent accommodations and infrastructure and is regularly on the top 20 best countries to visit list. Aside from a large choice of high quality hotels, there are top restaurants which showcase the country’s delicious cuisine. Due to a historically strong economy, it is an expensive place to travel to, but this doesn't seem to deter the millions of annual visitors that come here and leave having had an inspirational experience.

If you head north into the Arctic Circle, you are able to take part in the exhilarating activity of dog-sledding, where you will fly through the snow by a pack of huskies. During the summer you can view the midnight sun that never sets. In the winter, visitors hope to glimpse the amazing Northern Lights that illuminate the sky. Year round you can witness the wonderful Arctic wildlife with a cruise to the Svalbard Archipelago to visit seabird colonies and also, with luck, spot a polar bear.

Norway is very well connected with an extensive road and rail network. For those who can afford the time, rail travel is preferred to enjoy the stunning scenery along the coast. Otherwise, domestic flights are the most convenient option since Norway has 29 commercial airports that are well served by national liners. Extremely popular with visitors is the Hurtigruten, a cruise ship that travels up and down the western shore. Some people choose to go the whole five-day route, while others opt to use the boat as a hop-on,-hop off service between destinations.


  • Discover the enigmatic beauty of the Norwegian fjords on a boat cruise
  • Practice winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding on the snowy peaks
  • Try your hand at the traditional pursuit of dog sledding in the far north
  • View native wildlife in the untouched wilderness of the Arctic Circle
  • Experience the midnight sun aboard the famous Hurtigruten cruise liner
  • Gaze up at the night sky for a hope to catch the mystical Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun
  • Venture to the Svalbard peninsula for an opportunity to see polar bears and puffins
  • Go whale watching in the marine animal’s natural habitat of the northern Atlantic Ocean
  • Go hiking, biking and kayaking in the pine forests to make the most of summer