The main product that visitors bring home with them from Norway is high quality knitwear. Since the country is very cold a majority of the time, they have a historically developed industry for creating clothes to keep you nice and toasty that are widely available in case the climate is a bit of a shell shock. Typical patterns are symmetrical liner designs that adorn the top of bottom half or sometimes encompass all of it. Even if you don’t have enough space in your suitcase to take home a sweater, a pair of thick woolen socks could be the perfect gift for someone or for yourself to use during the dead of winter.

Another good gift from Norway is a knit beanie. They have the same linear patterns as other clothes items, and traditionally include ear flaps, although you can find variations without in a range of colors. If you are seeking modern, technical cold weather gear, Oslo is home to the international brand Helly Hansen, and you will find their complete range of products in many clothing stores in Norway.

Further warm clothing comes from reindeer hide products, which are available at many tourist stores in Norway. You can find knitwear made from the hide such as hats or sweaters, or reindeer footwear such as boots and slippers. Reindeer are sustainably managed in Norway and sale of the hides is regulated by the government, although you can always ask the retailer about the origins of the product. For a particularly cute and typically Norwegian souvenir you can purchase a troll doll based on folklore characters.

Since Norway is not a member of the EU, in larger cities you will also find duty-free stores offering tax back to visitors from other European nations, North America and elsewhere. Simply present your passport with entry stamp, and proof that you will be returning to your home country and you will be able to receive a discounted price on luxury goods.