Since it’s recent oil boom, North Dakota has been attracting visitors and new residents in droves. With the lowest unemployment rate in the country, North Dakota has effectively been creating 2,000 new millionaires per year. And with all that money comes a serious need for entertainment. While the state is struggling to keep up with development and demand, there are still a few standout attractions in North Dakota and plenty more on the way.

Here are a few awesome things to do in America’s fastest growing state.

"Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site" by Jasperdo via Flickr Creative Commons

Explore Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

Step back in time at an ancient village of the Northern Plains Indians that was once visited by Lewis and Clark. Explore a reconstructed earthlodge and imagine boiling buffalo meat in a clay pot or pounding corn with a mortar and pestle as you take in art, history, and culture at this living museum.

Sip Honey Wine in Bismark

Home of BEARPAW brand of wines, Apple Creek Winery is 635 acres of gorgeous land in the Turtle Mountains. Made from raw, locally sourced honey, their wines include a range of styles from dry to semi sweet. Unique varietals include cranflower, prarieflower, and coneflower, blended with local flora scents to enhance the flavor and cut the sweetness.

Ice Fish or Enjoy a Day on the Lake

Devil’s Lake is North Dakota’s largest natural lake and in the pioneer days, was fondly referred to as the inner ocean. With over 600 miles of shoreline, it hosts the National Walleye tournament and holds a number of other fishing records. Whether you prefer a guided ice fishing tour, hunting package, or a day on the pontoon boat, the lake district is perfect for everyone from the casual tourist or hardcore angler.

"World's Largest Buffalo - Jamestown, ND" by Will Schoettler via Flickr Creative Commons

The Pride of the Prairie, visit Buffalo City

Midway between Bismarck, the state capitol, and Fargo, the largest city, resides the frontier city of Jamestown. Picture yourself in the Wild West at this quirky road trip stop, home to The World's Largest Buffalo, the National Buffalo Museum, and the North Dakota Sports Hall of Fame.

See the only National Grassland in the Tall Grass Prairie Region

Sometimes, you just need wide open spaces to clear your head, and there’s no better place to do so than the delta plains and sandy dunes of Sheyenne National Grassland. A natural habitat for prairie chickens, the Dakota skipper, Regal Fritillary, and wild orchids in Southeast North Dakota, great photo opps include Horseshoe Hills, Old Bridges, Owego Pioneer Cemetery, and the Old Fire Lookout Tower.