Photo Credit: Sang Trinh

Canadian travelers heading to cities like Labrador and Paradise may want to brush up on a few Newfoundland facts before embarking on their journey. The Atlantic province offers a rich and diverse natural landscape that includes wave forests. These bizarre natural formations feature alternating bands of living and dead trees that slowly move across the landscape in 50-100 meter increments every century. This bizarre phenomenon can be traced back to strong winds which blow larger trees over but leave roots to spring up in their place.

Off the province’s coast, the local stretch of the Atlantic Ocean is home to more than 20 species of whale over the course of the year. Species commonly sighted in the area include humpback whales, fin whales, minke whales and sperm whales, among others.

Travelers may also be able to pick up the local dialect that sets Newfoundlanders apart from the rest of Canada. This unique manner of speech can be traced back to a combined influence of Irish, English and French settlers, as well as common North American English. The result is an accessible but slightly odd speech pattern which features its own syntax and grammar.