Nestled between Missouri and Louisiana on the banks of the Mississippi River, Arkansas is known for its stunning rocky vistas, underground caverns, and lush wildlife. Appropriately dubbed “The Natural State," it’s a must-see destination for outdoorsmen and explorers alike. While it may be stunning and bountiful, Arkansas’ true gem is the one hidden in plain sight: the capital city of Little Rock.

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Big Dam Bridge

Aside from the obvious (it's a big bridge over an equally big dam), the Big Dam Bridge holds the record for the Longest Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge in North America that has never been used by trains or motorized vehicles. At its highest, it rises about 90 feet above the Arkansas River and spans a little over 3,400 feet, giving travelers a bird's eye view of the gorgeous greenery surrounding the city. Opened to pedestrians and cyclists in 2007, it was originally called the Pulaski County Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge but gained its current name from a local judge with a good sense of humor.

Heifer Village

Heifer International is a nonprofit organization that aims to help satiate hunger and poverty all over the world. The organization has hosted national campaigns for decades, building quite an impressive empire in the process. Its national headquarters is stationed in Little Rock and offers interactive, kid-friendly exhibits that'll feel more like a museum than office building. Consistently ranking as one of the most popular attractions in Little Rock, visitors say it’s an excellent place to learn about the problem in an interesting and stimulating environment.

The Bernice Garden

In the heart of downtown Little Rock sits Bernice Garden, a privately owned property full of magnificent changing sculptures. Local artists consider it a huge honor to have their works displayed in the gardens, and the park officials work tirelessly to ensure the sculptures are unique each year. When not being rented out for private parties, the public is encouranged to explore, especially on Sundays when local and national vendors converge on the area for the weekly Farmer's Market.

William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

Some libraries can feel dark and stuffy, but the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum is far from your average library. Packed with best sellers, textbooks, and research rooms, the huge, glass structure is also a museum with some of the coolest exhibits in the country. From presidential limousines to the Little Rock Nine, the majority of the focus is of course, on its namesake, President Bill Clinton, who was born in the nearby town of Hope. It offers a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it’s like to be commander in chief and gives visitors a peek at the events surrounding his time in office.

River Market District

Who doesn’t love food stalls and live music? The River Market District in Little Rock is smack dab in the center of town, full of fresh produce, and good vibes. Found in the Beale Historic District, people flock from all over to enjoy its charming eats, arts, and shopping.