Photo Credit: Eric Montfort

When did you go and for how long?

For two weeks in June and July 2009.

How many people did you travel with?

My husband and daughter during the first half of the trip and just my daughter during the second half.

Why did you choose Namibia as your destination?

I’d never been there before and it was definitely on my list of countries to visit. Also, I was already visiting friends in South Africa at the time.

Did you do any special physical training or read up about the destination in order to get ready for the trip?


What were some of the trip’s most memorable moments?

The whole thing was spectacular – great accommodation, guides, food, sights, all of it! We loved the trip Steve Lausch planned for us. He was so amazing and professional to work with, always so eager and passionate. We will definitely travel with iExplore again. Namibia was beyond magical and we really loved every single second of being there and experiencing it. We felt safe all of the time and transfers and other logistics went smoothly and as planned.

How was the food?

Great! The food was delicious and breakfasts always had fresh warm bread, fresh fruits or whatever hot meal one could want. There was never a shortage and the choices were great and plenty. Afternoon teas were always a treat with assorted teas, coffee, hot chocolate – an amazing start to the sunset game drives.

What were the accommodations like?

Incredible, the lodging was just superb. Especially in that it was very consistent to the environment, meaning that the “outside” was truly brought “inside.” And the views, especially in Sossusvlei [a section of the Namib Desert known for its high, red sand dunes] were magical. At night, beds were prepared with hot water bottles and whatever else one requested. One felt that they were indeed, truly engrained within the heart of Africa, safe and protected within its boundaries.

How were your guides?

The guides at the camps were outstanding. Both the guides and staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The guests were undoubtedly their number one priority and no request was too big. The guides were incredibly impressive in that they could track and spot any animal with such intuitiveness. We always felt safe and in the best of hands. It was very clear that they knew the environment and possessed an expertise about all that it contained, whether animals, birds, trees, etc. They were also very respectful of the environment.

Where are you planning on going next, and why?

Europe and North Africa – I’m a photographer and travel all over the world, going to places like Mali, Ethiopia and Malawi.