Myanmar Taxis and Car Rental

The big cities in Myanmar offer taxis ranging from old Japanese sedans to new four-wheel drive vehicles. Taxis are an easy and cheap transportation option and can easily be flagged down anywhere in the city. For sightseeing, it is also easy to rent a cab and driver for the day, but fares need to be agreed upon in advance. For day rates, ask a local or at the hotel what the standard price should be and negotiate accordingly. Outside the major cities, visitors will find that rickshaw or trishaws are the only transportation option. Currently, there are no radio taxis in Myanmar.

Myanmar Trains and Buses

Most locals will use buses to get around, which is the cheapest transportation option in the cities. In Yangon alone, there are over 300 public and private buses that offer transportation services. However, the network in Yangon is difficult for foreigners to figure out. Locals will be happy to help with finding the right bus.

The main train station in Yangon is the Yangon Central Railway Station serviced by the Myanmar Railway. It operates an extensive rail network that connects all major cities in the country. However, the tracks and cars are old, in bad repair and never on time, making it an unreliable and comfortable transportation option. Many of the night trains, such as from Yangon to Mandalay, are reservation-only, so be sure to buy tickets at least three days in advance.