The Maldives has a very relaxed visa policy, as tourism is the primary industry within the country. All visitors including US citizens will automatically obtain a 30-day visa upon arrival. This can be extended only in the city of Male, but a reason must be provided. To get into the country, tourists need to have proof of a return ticket and proof of sufficient funds and/or hotel reservations. Visit the following website to find out more about visa entry into the country. (

Health and Safety

At this moment, the largest threat in the Maldives is the political unrest that currently plagues the country. The president was ousted by a coup, leaving the nation in turmoil. Most of the problems are found around Male, so tourists are not usually affected if they arrive in the country by air (on another island next to Male), then travel directly to their resort.

Diseases are not really a threat in the Maldives. However, there are regular cases of sun-related illnesses. Heat stroke is a common problem experienced by tourists. Snorkeling and sun bathing can lead to too much sun exposure. Always apply and reapply sunscreen while holidaying. In addition, humidity is common so remember to rehydrate regularly.